Free FuelRod Swapping to be Discontinued at Disneyland Resort November 1st

It looks like all of the Disney Parks and Resorts that were utilizing the FuelRod portable charging systems will be charging $3 per swap on November 1st. Earlier today, we brought you the news of Walt Disney World kiosks showing the $3 charge notice, and now it looks like Disneyland locations have the notice as well. Thanks to reader @sirthom on Twitter, we have confirmation of the signage at the Disneyland Resort.

Photo credit: @sirthom

In the past, FuelRods have been a great way for Guests to keep their devices charged for a long day at the theme parks. For a one-time charge of $30, guests would get a portable charger and common charging cables to use on their Apple or Android devices. When the battery would run out, Guests could either recharge their battery, or more commonly, swap it for a new one instantaneously at any FuelRod kiosk for free. That is, until November 1st.

Beginning November 1st, each and every swap will cost you $3. We’ll put some of our personal thoughts in an opinion post, but for now you can plan on pulling out your credit card each time you need to exchange your dead charger for a fully charged one at the kiosk. Of course, you can always recharge your FuelRod free of charge at a wall outlet.

It’s worth noting that a charge to swap isn’t uncommon for the FuelRod company. At many of their other locations such as airports and even Universal Orlando, there is a charge to swap. The Disney Parks were somewhat unique in that swaps were free for the past 3+ years.

What do you think of the change in pricing structure and business model? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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