Latest Aerial Look at PLAY! Pavilion Construction and New Pathways Constructed

    We recently took to the skies over Walt Disney World to get a unique vantage point of various projects taking place. Today, we’re going to get an updated look at the PLAY! Pavilion from the air, monorail, and on foot.

    We’ll start with the view from the monorail. Probably the biggest change that we’ve seen since our last update is this newly constructed pathway that looks to be utilized by heavy machinery. This pathway is likely going to be used not only for the PLAY! Pavilion, but also to allow heavy equipment to navigate to the front of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction.

    Before we take to the skies, here’s a sneak peek at what’s taking place on the back of the former Wonders of Life pavilion. We’ll get a better look at the work from the air in a minute. Not only have these metal pieces been added to the side of the building, but it looks like crews have made some cuts into the building. We anticipate that this area will be backstage once the project is completed and foliage is added back into the area.

    Ok, let’s get a look at the work from the air.

    From the air, it’s a bit easier to see the extent of the work taking place on the back of the building. It’ll be interesting to see what the final product here is.

    Here’s a look back at the side of the PLAY! pavilion structure, sans metal siding, back when the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind building was being enclosed.

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