Welcome to a review of the holiday treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We’ll be running around Hollywood Studios today, trying some of the treats and eats available during the holiday season at the park. Let’s take a look at some of the treats you can find at Woody’s Lunch Box!

Cinnamon-Apple Lunch Box Tart – $4.29

Location: Woody’s Lunch Box only

In front of us, we have a cinnamon-apple stuff pastry (read: pop-tart), coated with cinnamon fondant and holiday candy pieces.

If you’re looking for your favorite toys to get in the holiday spirit, you’ll be happy to know that Andy dressed up Toy Story Land again this year for the holidays. From a festive (if not oversized) scarf on Woody to a giant Ham cookie, the holidays are back and you can check out all of the decor in our post (HERE). Of course, it’s more than just antlers on Rex that make a holiday, so we’re at Woody’s Lunch Box to try out the returning Cinnamon-Apple Lunch Box Tart. Even though it returns with the same ingredients, the 2019 version has a notable and festive decoration upgrade that we’re big fans of.

First, the taste. Just like last year, you’re essentially buying Christmas in a tart. The apple and cinnamon combine to form probably the best tart you’ll buy all year at Woody’s Lunch Box. It gets two thumbs up from us as long as you know it might come out on the dry side, as tarts can tend to do.

Next, let’s examine the decorative upgrade. Here’s a look at the 2018 version. Snowflakes we can understand as festive, but an acorn?

The 2019 version is a notable upgrade in festive appearance.

And a peek inside.

Keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com for continuing coverage of the holidays from around the Disney Parks!


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