The Oriental Land Company has released some new details for the upcoming Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast dark ride coming to Tokyo Disneyland.


Guests step into the Beast’s castle located deep in the forest to experience the “enchanted tale.” In the first scene, the beautiful Belle encounters a prince who has been transformed into a beast by a powerful enchantress.

Aboard enchanted cups that move and turn as if they are alive, guests travel through various scenes to experience the world of the film. There’s the banquet where they “dance” together with the dishes and cutlery to Lumiere’s singing; the snow-covered garden where they glide over the ice as Belle and the Beast find themselves growing closer. The castle is filled with magical moments and surprises, so guests will discover something new each time they visit.

Will Belle and the Beast find love and thus break the spell before the last petal of the enchanted rose falls?

Ride Details

Ride Length: 8 minutes
Disney FastPass: yes
Single Rider: yes
Happy 15 Entry: yes (Happy 15 is special access offered to Disney hotel guests to enter the park 15 minutes before official park opening)


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