Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Queue Has Mid-Queue Restroom Access for Anticipated Long Waits

    Following the news of restrooms added to the Flight of Passage queue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we decided to get up at 4am this morning to check on the situation over at Disney’s newest attraction – Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. While it’s tough to gauge just how long the waits will be for Rise of the Resistance when Disney stops using a virtual queue system, it’s likely that it will rival Flight of Passage for the longest wait at Walt Disney World. As such, Disney has taken a lesson from their former most popular attraction, and implemented not only mid-queue restrooms (sort of, more in a bit), but they also improved the procedure! Here’s what we learned.

    Yes, you can use the restroom if you’ve already entered the Rise of the Resistance queue. Cast Members that we’ve spoken with have maintained that Disney wants to ensure that guests are comfortable while in line, and there is a procedure in place to ensure that guests stay comfortable during the anticipated long waits that will undoubtedly arrive when a proper standby option is put in place. As a matter of fact, Disney built in benches into the rockwork of the queue cave system purely for guest comfort. Here are a few of the many rock benches that can be found in the queue.

    Rock bench (right) in the Rise of the Resistance queue
    Rock bench (left) in the Rise of the Resistance queue

    While there is no restroom that you can find (technically) in the queue, there are Cast Members scattered throughout the queue where tunnels have been carved out as emergency exits and access to backstage restrooms. As you can see in the photo below, there is a hallway that is usually manned by a Cast Member that will be able to escort you to a backstage restroom if you need to use one. There are a few of these hallways that you can inquire with a Cast Member with throughout the queue.

    Because the restrooms are in a backstage area, we couldn’t take any photos of the area, but they can be seen under construction in the aerial photos below. Next to the construction access garage for Rise of the Resistance is a series of doors in the sunlight. Two of those doors are unisex restrooms that guests are escorted to and back from.

    While we would have liked to have seen fully themed restrooms that are accessible from within the queue like in Flight of Passage, this system works well enough right now, and it’s good to see that Disney has a system in place from day one. Perhaps the best part about the restrooms is the fact that there is a series of hallways within the queue that allow you to join back up with your group without requiring them to exit their place in line. When we used the facilities earlier today, we were able to return back to the queue through a different hallway than what we left through to easily rejoin the rest of our party. Because you’re escorted the entire way by a Cast Member, they know where they’re going and just about where, roughly, your group will be when you’re finished.

    Of course, our advice is to use the restroom before you enter the queue because seeing backstage areas could take you out of the magic a bit, but if you can’t time it perfectly, it should come as a relief to know that the Rise of the Resistance attraction does, in fact, have restrooms available from the queue. Newsletter

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