Haunted Mansion Closed Again at Magic Kingdom

UPDATE: The Haunted Mansion is back open. Our original story continues below.

The Haunted Mansion is closed once again at Magic Kingdom with technical difficulties. The My Disney Experience app lists it has “Temporarily Closed”.

Video posted by Mark Dwiz on twitter showed the maintenance bay open in the attic scene as guests in Doom Buggies passed by.

It’s really unfortunate to see a classic experiencing so many issues of late, but we hope that Disney can get it figured out sooner rather than later.

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  1. It sounds like Disney is going downhill fast. . I’m so sad to hear about all this. I’ve been going to the park since it first opened. And nothing like this was ever happening for years. Why suddenly is everything gone, awry and not being repaired properly? ?

  2. It’s because these rides at MK are beginning to age. Haunted Mansion has been open since 1971… That’s almost 50 years of wear and tear and it’s unfortunately bound to happen. I’d much rather have these older rides be closed for months and get the true refurbishment they deserve. Instead, Disney is just keeping these rides open and limping along inconsistently just to please guests.

    The other parks rarely have this problem, aside from ToT at HS. That’s because that’s also an aging ride that is due for a heavy refurb too.

  3. It’s Walt coming back to haunt the park after prices went up so drastically. Just think about the problem that have been happening after star wars land opened.

  4. My husband and I have just returned from Florida .we treated our 3 grandchildren for their first ever visit.i was very shocked to find how much Disney world charged for us to get into the park. With half of the rides closed it spoilt our visit. Come on Disney do something about it until you are fully up and running why don’t you reduce the prices especially for children.we paid #105 dollars for each child along with our entrance fee it was a total of over #600 dollars


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