Closer Look at LiDAR Helicopter 3D Mapping the Disney Theme Parks

    Earlier this month, we spotted a helicopter flying low over the Walt Disney World theme parks, for what Disney was calling the collection of footage for future use. Just about every communication coming from Disney said that the helicopter was simply collecting “footage”, but the photos we captured suggested otherwise.

    For a full breakdown of how we came to believe Disney was 3D mapping Walt Disney World (and Disneyland soon), check out our original post.

    This evening, we have a closer look at what is confirmed to be a LiDAR setup on the front of the helicopter we saw flying over Walt Disney World. The photo below comes courtesy of Helinet Aviation (h/t: @EspiTina).

    While Helinet doesn’t confirm that they are flying over Walt Disney World, the helicopter (and N-number) match what we captured flying over Walt Disney World earlier this month, seen in the photo below.

    Helinet says that they are “bringing in some extra magic” using their custom LiDAR system on a “top secret project”. Of course, knowing what we know and thanks to the photos we captured of the helicopter flying over property, this top secret project is the 3D mapping project we’ve been following so closely. Here’s more from Helinet.

    Bringing in some extra magic with @helinetaviation’s Vice President @k2_larosa flying Helinet’s custom LiDAR system for a top secret project.
    A special thank you to our industry partner @eliterotorcraft and Michael Franck for the support on this job.
    Did you know that Helinet can provide complete turn-key LiDAR solutions, incorporating terrestrial scanning and post-processing that delivers high accuracy and detail-rich data sets to a variety of industries including industrial and agricultural survey, accident reconstruction in public safety, and VFX production for motion pictures? Contact us today to find out how your next mission or project can be enhanced with this advanced imaging technology.
    Helinet Aviation, via Instagram

    Here’s a look at what’s possible with a LiDAR system.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to provide you with detailed coverage of the Disney Parks!

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