Disney World Completely Refills Full Park Pass Availability for Annual Passholders in September and October

    According to the Disney Park Pass theme park reservation calendar, Disney has completely refilled each and every day in September and October for Annual Passholders. This is the most widespread reallocation of Park Pass availability we’ve seen yet. Dates such as Labor Day weekend and Halloween are now completely available for booking for Annual Passholders.

    In a recent interview, Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro listed the Disney Park Pass reservation system as one of the technologies that he thinks are “here to stay”.

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    1. Too little…Too late. Many people, including myself, have cancelled annual passes. I’ll be happy when things return to normal next year.

    2. With this advance reservation system, although easy enough to navigate and use, the availability reflected on Disney’s calendar seldom syncs accurately to the actual availability when going to make a reservation. In another words, Disney’s calendar shows a particular park as open availability on said day then when attempting to secure a reservation spot, the system will frequently contradict it’s own current calendar and state no availability. This system is extremely faulty. Platinum passholders and we’re a little beat on the process.

    3. I wish they reserved a small percentage for Cast Members, or stop counting the admission as part of the benefits and give them a raise instead. If we can’t even use one of our main benefits, I’m sure literally everyone would rather have a raise.

    4. I enjoy going to the park now with my husband, its so empty and I can enjoy a nice night after work! I’m so glad I’m still a pass holder! I’m disappointed Epcot will be closing earlier though! I liked walking around world showcase at night! 7pm is too early to close the park, 9pm is perfect! I enjoy riding rides back to back ,like Sorin, test track, mission space, and frozen! It’s hot in August they need to keep all parks open till 9pm! Especially since they closed the water parks!

    5. I don’t like the reservation system because it limits you to 3 per month. Part of the high cost of the pass was because you had unlimited access to all parks & could visit more than 1 per day. I have often went to one park for lunch & then spent most of the rest of the day in another or started out at AK & then to one of the other parks that were open later. I never went to the night time events at AK thinking I had plenty of time to do that later. I am glad I got to see the Christmas lights in HS before they change to the Star Wars rides. If they intend to keep limiting what an annual pass can do they need to drop the prices .

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