Disney Parks Cast Members Notified of Extended, Indefinite Furlough

    Disney has begun to send emails to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Cast Members who have not been called back to work, notifying them that they will remain on furlough until further notice. The email notes that these are “difficult and uncertain times” and that while the initial estimates from Disney indicated that they did not anticipate a closure of more than 6 months, the email says that “business circumstances that [Disney] could not have anticipated” will likely push the closure to more than 6 months.

    Disney goes on to say in the email that they “hope that our businesses will be back up and running and that your furlough will remain temporary”. Of course, that last part of the sentence will likely read as concerning for any potential layoffs that might occur as a result of the extended closure and a slow return to what Disney might consider normal.

    If there is some silver lining to be found for Disneyland, it’s that Orange County California has been removed from the state’s COVID-19 watchlist recently, which may clear the path for Disneyland to reopen in the coming months. That said, Disneyland has cancelled all reservations through September 12th, and they’re still waiting for state approval to reopen.

    At Walt Disney World, tens of thousands of Cast Members remain furloughed and the theme parks will be cutting back operating hours in just over 2 weeks.

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    1. With THAT many Disney World CM out of a job, the Orlando economy is going to take a big hit and I’m sure thousands of former CM will move out of Florida.

    2. Disney sucks! I worked for them years ago along with friends and family. Give your employees some kind of incentive. They have been waiting patiently to come back and then they receive a furlough. Come on Disney you make enough money. You are going to need these faithful employees in the future.

    3. Many prayers for our trembling World Wide economy to recover with also an antidote to this Mickey’n’Minnie mouse Corona party stopper. Play hard and Live long!

    4. I did my part last week. Never thought I could get on and off to ride over and over with such little wait.

    5. Its not just Flordia and California Cast Members. This letter was sent out to Aulani Cast Members in Hawaii as well. Disney is one of the largest private sector employers in Hawaii as well.

    6. At $10 an hour I’m sure that many cast members are not going to move out of FL as they have little income to move to begin with. Lots of them are also part-timers, retired seeking extra spending money, and college kids. And, the Orlando economy has been devastated. There are also people that work all of the other parks, hotels, restaurants, etc…don’t forget the trade show industry either. Orlando and all of Florida is nothing if not a tourist state. JS.

    7. The only thing keeping us away is that we refuse to wear a mask all day in the parks when its so stinking hot. Reduce the regulations and the crowds will come back.

    8. Disney loses a little bit more of it’s MAGIC.
      Gone are the beautiful hanging baskets along Main Street. These colorful combination baskets enhanced the “Lands” in DW. Yesterday I spotted a Horticulturist in DWMK, quite a rare sight during operating hours. With only a few clippings in the cart, I wondered about the planting beds. To my surprise; gone were the lush plantings of Annuals that add the magical colors along the walkways and light poles. Disney’s way of cutting costs started even before the COVID19 PANDEMIC. Similar planting practices under the Skyliner, over by the Boardwalk parking lot, had been there prior to COVID19.
      Disney has switched to 2 planting rotations per year as a cost saving measure. Thank goodness they repainted the Castle because they figure this will be a distraction so Visitors won’t notice the change.
      Disney has just become another shade of green (more $$ in their pockets) without the addition of the bright herbaceous plantings to adorn the Kingdoms.

    9. I would gladly wear a mask and visit except being Canadian if we visit the US we have to quarantine 14 days upon our return to Canada regardless of whether we have symptoms. I can’t afford that much time off of work. The US needs to get its numbers down and then tourism will resume. It’s not Disneys fault!

    10. 100% Lisa Collins every one wants to go Disneyland but who can afford to get sick for a holiday…. and quarantine on both ends of a trip plus the exchange it just isn’t worth it its so sad but until things change in our world 😔 I don’t foresee travel to Disneyland

    11. It’s very sad how they are treating their employees and their annual pass holders. I have been an annual pass holder for many years, only to find myself now having to fight with Disney to get reimbursed for money that has been deducted from my account. My passes expired and they still took payments out of my account before the park even reopened! I was told I would be given a full refund on June 1st and it would take 5 to 7 business days. Here it is September 25th, and no refund from Disney. Such a shame how they treat customers that have been faithful for many years. I will not be renewing my passes. They can keep their magic.

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