Florida Enters “Phase 3”, DeSantis Removes Remaining Restrictions via Executive Order

    In an executive order signed today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moved the state into the final “phase” of reopening by removing the final state-level restrictions. Even though DeSantis said that the executive order moved the state into “Phase 3”, the reality is that the removal of all restrictions actually goes further than the initial Phase 3 recommendations, which would have called for a 75% capacity limitation at restaurants. DeSantis has removed all restrictions.

    Today’s executive order follows comments made by DeSantis during a press conference yesterday where he foreshadowed the move. In yesterday’s press conference, DeSantis briefly talked about Disney, stating that he thinks Disney should increase the capacity of the theme parks, noting that the limit on attendance is self-imposed and not due to any local or state-level restrictions.

    As part of Phase 3, the state of Florida says that theme parks are able to return to normal operations with limited social distancing protocols.

    Disney has not publicly stated that they have increased the attendance capacity that they put in place back when the theme parks reopened in July.

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    1. They need to make mask a option more people would go. But still you would be going at your own risk. If you spend most of your time just walking around and not inside it shouldn’t matter. If you go into a store out your mask on. Social distance ok and hand washing but mask should be not mandatory. More people
      Would go. I don’t think the parks are a place where people will
      Get sick

    2. Mask is not options is is a must , i rather wear a mask and not be intubated with artificial breathing machine. That is really painful and uncomfortable.

    3. And that’s your choice, but you should also respects others who don’t feel that need. Wear a mask if you feel the need and don’t if you wish. This is not a Communist Country and your demands of others does not count. I respect your decision to wear a mask and you should respect mine if i choose not too. Remember, this is a free society, not a communist one. Respect all peoples choices.

    4. Actually, it’s Disney’s choice. The minute they start getting lawsuits due to COVID because of mask-deniers like someone’s earlier comment, it’s game over. I have no issue wearing a mask but IF the restaurants are too crowded, I’m spending my vacation in 2 weeks at my vacation home! Without social distancing in restaurants, the virus will spread faster than trump’s lies!

    5. So if they came out tomorrow and said “drunk driving is no longer illegal,” then everyone should respect my right to swerve all over the road. Others cannot demand that I care about anyone but myself, you must respect my decision to put you and your family at risk because this is a free society and none of these “Communists” can make me take minor precautions to prevent the death of innocent people.

      That sound pretty good to you, Bruce?

    6. Bruce – That would make a great deal more sense if your choice wasn’t endangering everyone around you. Would you defend my choice to drive 90 mph down the Jersey Turnpike in the wrong direction?

      If you have been exposed to the virus and are carrying it (which unless you were recently tested you can’t know for sure), then you are a potential source of infection for everyone around you.

    7. I hate wearing a mask. but is for the best of all of us to bring this virus down. We can not be selfish. Life is not easy but wearing a mask. Is a way to protect all of us . I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

    8. Bruce, that’s the whole reason the live event industry is in shambles..why the big shows can’t run. Just removing regulations isn’t the entire picture. It’s a public relations nightmare. Which set of customers should they appease to? As Steven said, if someone does get a case and it’s traced back to them, it becomes a costly public image mistake (people stop coming). Everyone screaming the masks don’t work, it’s mostly for those people who can’t be trained to maintain hygiene such as covering their mouth when they cough in case they are an asymptomatic super spreader. It’s a lack of compassion for fellow humans. It will be long after the vaccine is in circulation and working before we can get back to “normal”. This virus isn’t “fake”, it’s just unpredictable in each person.

    9. People wear masks to protect others not themselves. Your choice to not wear a mask puts others at risk if you asymptotic and inadvertently spreading the disease

    10. I work at Disney. They upped the capacity without telling anyone before DeSantis saying this. They give more hours to Magic Kingdom and longer breaks. They give Animal Kingdom more hours. They give Epcot cast members longer breaks. Hollywood Studios has less hours and the same breaks. We work more, paid the same, and less break time.

    11. Mask deniers? Sure, just label people who disagree with you. Show everyone how virtuous you are. No need to think, then.
      BTW, so nice for you that you have a vacation home where you can go maskless. Most of us don’t.

    12. The mask isn’t for you… It’s for people around you.

      Does businesses requiring you to wear clothing to enter their establishment make them comunists?

      Stop being a whiney little child and think about the others around you and not just yourself.

    13. Bruce, that’s the thing. It’s NOT your choice. When you DON’T wear a mask, you risk affecting me if you are sick. So as you could infect others, I am not going to respect their “right” to do so. That’s not a right. it’s just wrong.

      But as Steven said, it’s not anyone’s choice but Disney. It’s private property. If they wanted to open it more, they would. Clearly they feel strongly about the approach they are taking.

    14. The whole mask has been a big help to keep many from getting sick. Unfortunately to many nasty Americans think there to entitled and then throw politics into everything yet it’s a sham in this country

    15. look up the latest cdc survivability rate of this virus, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning, literally and mathematically.

    16. The whole mask has been a big help to keep many from getting sick. Unfortunately to many nasty Americans think there to entitled and then throw politics into everything yet it’s a sham in this country .

    17. Again, it’s suppose to be a free country and free society and if you’re so afraid of a crowded Disney restaurant, than please do stay home and leave the rest of us the f**k alone.

    18. Florida still has one of the highest death rates and new COVID cases in the country. The state is not ready for phase 3, increase cases and deaths will be on the governors hands.

    19. It is a free country and Disney is free to ask what they want of their patrons and guests. If you don’t like the rules you don’t have to go. On a side note masking only works when we all do it. You wear a mask to protect someone else not yourself. It is an unselfish act of compassion that allows the vulnerable to get out of their homes and enjoy life as well.

    20. I think Natasha and others are missing the point. Disney has to provide a working environment where cast members can feel safe to do their jobs free from avoidable risk of being infected. Any law suits would look at whether Disney mandated all reasonable measures to protect its cast members. In your personal opinion, you may feel that requiring masks in most outdoor locations in the parks is going too far – but would your opinion be ‘expert opinion’ in a court of law? You may spend a day in the park without ever crossing paths with another infectious person; you may also be unlucky enough to cross paths with a super-spreader. Whatever you think of the odds of those events, I doubt Disney will budge on its policies until such time as it is happy its cast members will remain safe.

    21. What a bunch of children. “I wanna do what I wanna do!” The lack of consideration for the well-being of others is, literally, breathtaking. It is obvious from your words and your behavior that you will not choose to follow public-health safety protocols when given the “freedom” to do so or not do so. You only want to behave as if no pandemic exists; you deny credible science anyway as some dark plot to ruin your lives. Do you really care so little for your fellow human beings? No wonder the country is where it is today.

    22. Are any of you old enough to remember how people used to get “hot and bothered” when their rights were supposedly taken away because folks were told to wear seatbelts? I agree with Mike: think of your fellow man! The good of the many outweighs the good of the one, or the few.

    23. This is just a matter of big corporations just wanting to make money. Is the money going to save all those people when they attend these restraints and amusement parks? No because there is a huge chance it will spread again like wild fire in the fall and if it gets bad enough they may have to shut the state down again. Why can’t people just have common sense and be courteous of other people’s health and safety. That would be too much to ask of selfish uneducated more be.