Artificial Intelligence Bag Check Scanners Debut at EPCOT Main Entrance

Starting today, guests will find a much smoother and safer process at the main entrance bag check for EPCOT. Previously only found at the International Gateway entrance to EPCOT, the Artificial Intelligence EVOLV scanners have finally been installed at the main entrance. Security Cast Members asked us not to take a photo of the EPCOT scanners, but here’s an older photo that we were given permission to take of the identical scanners at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Evolv Express system will not only cut down on the often times large lines to get through the tedious bag check process, it will also allow for more streamlined staffing.

According to the Evolv Technology website, Evolv Express uses advanced sensors and machine learning to automatically screen for concealed weapons on all employees, contractors and visitors entering your facility without slowing down operations.

Powered by the Evolv Cortex AI™ Software Platform, Express is the only fast, touchless, free-flow firearm and bomb detection system that screens more than 3600 people per hour (60 people per minute) and gets smarter over time. It keeps high volume entrances flowing by reliably detecting guns and other weapons as visitors walk through at a natural pace.

By switching to the Evolv Express system, not only does Disney create a more pleasant experience for the guests, but also a more reliable screening and safer experience. Use of this system versus the old bag check used before the parks closed due to COVID-19 also ensures a safer procedure for security Cast Members who are now able to screen from a distance and not have to physically interact with each and every personal item that comes through the screening.

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  1. What about banned items like alcohol and ice cubes, guess once in the park cast members just have to keep an eye out for this

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