Disney Confirms President Joe Biden Animatronic Will Be Added to Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom

    While the Hall of Presidents closed rather unceremoniously overnight, a few questions lingered among Disney fan groups. Most notably is the direction of the attraction in the future.

    The Hall of Presidents became a bit more divisive than Disney would probably have liked with the introduction of a President Trump animatronic in late 2017.

    Since then, fans have speculated about the future of the attraction that was dedicated to the memory of Walt Disney himself. In recent months and weeks, rumors have gained traction that say a Muppets takeover could be in the works. While Disney hasn’t said much about the future of the attraction (or addressed the Muppets rumor), a Disney spokesperson has confirmed that a President Joe Biden animatronic will be added to the Hall of Presidents when it reopens (via Orlando Sentinel).

    The statement that President Biden will be added to the attraction may not douse the Muppets flame entirely, but it does indicate that the show will likely continue in its current format with all of the Presidents showing up at some point.

    A timeline for the reopening of the attraction has not been given.

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    1. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Adjust the script from time to time to adapt to our changing times, but PLEASE leave the basic format alone. I assure you that if they “dumb it down” by adding the Muppets people will stay away in droves. All of those – I’m catching a nap in the air conditioning jokes aside, I’m sure this attraction has a very passionate and loyal fan base. Changing it could very well be the “final straw” for a lot of folks.

    2. What a dick comment, Joseph. If people would be kinder, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. Disney is meant to inspire and provide hope. Comments like yours are ignorant and nothing more than a reflection of the childish name calling and bullying we’ve seen on clear display the last few years. Grow up.

    3. Joseph – you’re right, all the animatronics from Haunted Mansion are classics in the best way and beloved by most everyone in the world. What a wonderful sentiment you’ve shared, I’m certain that was your intention.

    4. Good Lord. Trolls are out on blogmickey. Try letting love and compassion into your hearts for God sake. Set an example.

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