Hall of Presidents Now Closed for Refurbishment at Walt Disney World

    Disney World has, rather quietly, closed the Hall of Presidents attraction in Magic Kingdom. President Joe Biden will take office today at 12pm EST and former President Trump has, very likely, spoken for the last time in the attraction.

    There was no announcement, just simply an update on the Walt Disney World website noting that it is now closed for refurbishment.

    Wide view of all presidents lined up in Hall of Presidents attraction

    When Trump took office four years ago, the Hall of Presidents was closed as part of a months-long refurbishment that would see the show reworked completely, but the classic presidential lineup seen above remained.

    When the show reopened, some guests turned into protestors, occasionally shouting at the Trump animatronic. Disney would eventually install decoration along the front of the stage that was meant to discourage guests from making their way onto the stage. Security Cast Members would be stationed within the attraction for four years to keep an eye on guests.

    Now, Disney has closed the attraction rather unceremoniously and, as of publish time, has not indicated when it might reopen. Disney is likely working on a Joe Biden animatronic for the show when it reopens.

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    1. Funny, I’ve been to the Hall of Presidents several times since Trump’s animatronic was erected and the majority of times that I’ve been, every time Trump was highlighted, almost everyone clapped and cheered, no one booed or jeered – which actually surprised me. The few times that nobody clapped or cheered, people just remained quiet and respectful through the entire show.

    2. Dang! Wanted to see the scary Trump animitronic when I go next week before they moved it. At least next year I’ll get to see Biden instead. I still don’t think they should completely remove him, but stick him in the way back somewhere, maybe behind Lincoln and his stove top hat. If you can keep Tricky Dicky then Trump can stay too (just way in the back).

    3. Because he’s a traitor who failed the country during a pandemic and then incited an insurrection to overturn an election he lost.

    4. Simple. America chose a new president. The current office holder is the only contemporary president given a speaking role.

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