Biden Administration Reportedly Considers Florida Travel Ban, COVID-19 Testing for Domestic Flights

With the COVID-19 “UK Variant” cases accounting for up to 15% of new cases in Florida, the Biden administration is reportedly considering banning travel to the Sunshine State.

The travel ban is one of several options proposed to curb the spread of COVID-19 and the so-called variants. Another proposal calls for a negative COVID-19 test before domestic flights, a move that the airline industry says could threaten jobs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “opposes travel restrictions and does not believe diagnostic tests should be a prerequisite to domestic air travel.”

No decisions have been made at this time on a potential travel ban or COVID-19 testing for domestic flights.

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    • I know there are some who don’t like calling it a “UK Variant”, but it’s more common to call it a variant as opposed to B.1.1.7

  1. Great, couldnt go to Florida last March because of covid happening and it looks like my plans to go this March will be stopper again. I have had the hotel paid for since Christmas 2019.

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