Patina Group Seeking Executive Pastry Chef for Space 220 Restaurant in EPCOT

    Patina Group, the third-party operator of the upcoming Space 220 Restaurant in EPCOT, has recently listed a job opening for an Executive Pastry Chef.

    In the job description, Patina is seeking an individual who will be able to contribute to the launch and ongoing operations of the restaurant. The new hire will assist in recipe development prior to the opening of the location, as well as hire, train, and monitor the pastry team.

    The job listing does not offer a start date, and Disney has not given an opening date for the location, but the most recent rumors pointed towards a March 2021 opening date. Of course, it’s been months since that rumor surfaced, so it’s very possible that the opening has been delayed further.

    Space 220, as you might remember, is slated to be an out-of-this-world dining experience next to Mission: SPACE. The general concept of the restaurant is that guests take a space elevator up to the International Space Station as guests experience “The Height of Dining”.

    There have been a couple of pieces of concept art put out for the Space 220 Restaurant. The first, and perhaps most popular, is of the dining space. This piece of concept art shows a couple of interesting things, including tiered dining (like Coral Reef), and an out-of-this-world window into space. This window will be comprised of screens, or perhaps projections, that will simulate the vastness of space as guests orbit above the Earth. The idea of this restaurant plays nicely with the very close neighbor in Mission: SPACE.

    Building a bit on the idea of a space elevator, we can see the Space 220 Restaurant and space elevator included in the Epcot overhaul concept art. Not only does the “wire” seem to be reaching towards the sky, we can make out what looks like the elevator chamber traveling up to the International Space Station.

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