EPCOT OVERHAUL: Space 220 Restaurant Coming to Epcot (Model, Concept Art, Location, and More)

As we look towards the future of Epcot, we wanted to create a single space for you to be able to reference for the Space 220 Restaurant. On this page you’ll find facts, descriptions, and photos of not only what the experience will look like, but also a current look at the progress made from on-the-ground reporting from Epcot.

The Space 220 Restaurant promises “The Height of Dining” as guests “float” 220 miles above the surface of the Earth in orbit aboard the International Space Station.

UPDATE (11/26/19): The Space 220 Restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, according to Disney (full story).

Space 220 Restaurant Concept Art

There have been a couple of pieces of concept art put out for the Space 220 Restaurant. The first, and perhaps most popular, is of the dining space. This piece of concept art shows a couple of interesting things, including tiered dining (like Coral Reef), and an out-of-this-world window into space. This window will be comprised of screens, or perhaps projections, that will simulate the vastness of space as guests orbit above the Earth. The idea of this restaurant plays nicely with the very close neighbor in Mission: SPACE.

Another piece of concept art released at the 2019 D23 Expo shows what will likely be the “arrival experience” to the restaurant. In the art below, it looks like guests will enter a chamber of sorts that could act as a space elevator that will take them from Mission: SPACE in Epcot all the way up to the International Space Station. We’ll see more on this space elevator in a bit, but this concept art is exciting when considering that this could be an entire dining experience, complete with a storyline and coherent theme instead of just another restaurant.

Building a bit on the idea of a space elevator, we can see the Space 220 Restaurant and space elevator included in the Epcot overhaul concept art. Not only does the “wire” seem to be reaching towards the sky, we can make out what looks like the elevator chamber traveling up to the International Space Station.

Opening Date

Disney has only announced that Space 220 Restaurant will open in “winter 2019”. We’ll take a look at the current progress in the next section, but that leaves quite a bit of wiggle room for Disney to complete the installation of props and perhaps even go through some rigorous testing of the projection technology and arrival experience to ensure a smooth operation for guests from day one. Unlike other parts of the Epcot overhaul project, we won’t have to wait until 2021 to enjoy the Space 220 Restaurant as the opening date could be right around the corner. When an official opening date becomes known, we’ll be sure to post about it here on BlogMickey.com.

UPDATE (11/21/19): It looks like the Space 220 Restaurant could be delayed until February 2020 (full story).

Current Progress and Latest News

As we get closer (hopefully) to an opening date, we’ve been paying closer attention to the work taking place both at the restaurant site and near Mission: SPACE. In early November 2019, we posted a look at what will very likely be a main entrance to the restaurant in a part of the extended queue for Mission: SPACE that is seldomly used.

It’s worth noting that it’s not all smooth sailing for the Space 220 Restaurant, as it was just announced that the dining location is looking for a new Executive Chef after the now former Executive Chef left the location. Space 220 Restaurant is operated by the Patina Group chain of restaurants, one of Disney’s go-to third party operations. Patina has a deep history not only with Epcot, but also Disney Springs with multiple restaurants under their umbrella on Disney property. It’s a bit odd that the Executive Chef has left seemingly weeks before the official opening of the location. Patina has posted a job opening on their website seeking a new Executive Chef. It’ll be interesting to see how the menu shapes up when we have our first meal at the Space 220 Restaurant given the change at the top.

Restaurant Poster

At The Epcot Experience, the Space 220 Restaurant actually has its own “attraction poster” on display. While it’s probably reading too much into the situation to say that the existence of an attraction poster means that Disney and Patina will treat the restaurant experience as an attraction, we hope that they go all-in with the theming and dining experience.

As we can see in the poster, both the space elevator chamber and International Space Station are featured. We’ll continue to build upon the idea of the space elevator as we take a look at the Space 220 model in a bit.

Space 220 Restaurant Location

As seen in our numerous photo updates of the Space 220 Restaurant, it will sit in a space behind and between Mission: SPACE and Test Track. Given the construction walls that went up in November 2019, it looks like the entrance to the restaurant will be via a seldomly used extended queue for Mission: SPACE.

Space 220 Restaurant Model

As part of the expansive model at The Epcot Experience, a stylized version of the Space 220 Restaurant can be found sitting behind Mission: SPACE. As you can see in the model, the Space 220 Restaurant is represented by a Space Needle looking structure. In reality, it’s simply a building as seen in the construction photo above. The idea that you will enter a chamber to be lifted via a space elevator up to the restaurant is reinforced in the model, with an elevator visible on the model as it approaches the circular restaurant “in orbit”.

The Bigger Picture

As the only dining option in the future World Discovery section of the park, the Space 220 Restaurant has the potential to be one of the most unique and story-driven dining experiences at Epcot and even Walt Disney World. We’ve seen Patina produce some wonderful menus in the past and we’re looking forward to learning more about the menu and take the 220 mile journey up to the Space 220 Restaurant soon!

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