Construction walls have been installed in an extended portion of the Mission: SPACE queue now, possibly connected to the Space 220 restaurant nearby. As a reminder, Space 220 is an out-of-this-world dining experience coming to Epcot as part of the wide-sweeping Epcot overhaul project. Guests will blast off to enter the International Space Station, suspended 220 miles above the Earth’s surface and enjoy an intergalactic dining experience.

To enter the restaurant, guests will very likely utilize a seldomly used portion of the extended queue for Mission: SPACE as seen on the far right side of the attraction entrance.

As you can see, a new construction wall has been erected in an area that will likely lead guests back to the restaurant, which is tucked away behind the Mission: SPACE attraction show building.

Here’s a comparison of the area from late-October and today.

For more on the Space 220 restaurant coming to Epcot this winter, keep checking back with us here at


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