New “Disney Look” Cast Member Examples Released by Disney

    As part of their recent announcement that the “Disney Look” guidelines would be relaxed, Disney has updated their guidelines to reflect the recent change in policies. In the new guidelines, Disney shows examples of acceptable tattoos, jewelry, hair styles, and more. Here’s a look at what Disney determines to be acceptable within the new guidelines.

    Working from left to right in the image below we see natural hairstyling and hair color within natural hues. The two Cast Members in the middle represent acceptable facial hair and nail color choices. The Haunted Mansion Cast Member is also sporting acceptable jewelry. The Jungle Cruise Cast Member is displaying an acceptable, visible tattoo on her wrist. Tattoos on the head, neck or face will not be permitted. Tattoos that depict nudity, offensive or inappropriate language or images, or violate Company policies will not be permitted.

    Continuing, we see examples of acceptable religious headwear. Cast Members will be issued acceptable headwear for sun protection should they require it. The two Cast Members in the middle of the photo are an example of acceptable hair accessories, which allow for no more than two inches wide and four inches long. The Pandora Cast Member on the right is wearing some acceptable jewelry on his right wrist.

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