Guest Jumps From Boat to Steal Cucumber on Living With the Land at EPCOT

    According to a video posted to Instagram by alex64gaming, a guest can be seen jumping from a boat on Living with the Land to try and grab a cucumber. This, of course, breaks park rules as guests are required to stay on the attraction at all times for their own safety and the safety of others.

    We can see exactly why this rule is in place as the guest loses their balance and (predictably) falls. A second guest then exits the ride and attempts to help the original guest get back on the boat.

    Disney has not commented on the incident, but we will update should they provide a statement.

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    1. I sure hope she was asked to leave the park that day at the minimum. Something like this could cause copy cats on this attraction as well as others.

    2. What a shame, there is no respect for anything these days – Hopefully She will not be able to return to the parks for a while….

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