UPDATE: Misprinted Logo Could Be Reason for Missing Imagination Pavilion Flag at EPCOT

It looks like Disney may have misprinted the Imagination Pavilion logo for the feature flags flying at the EPCOT park entrance, leading to them being removed recently. As we reported last night, both Imagination Pavilion flags were removed from the EPCOT entrance, leading to speculation about the future of the pavilion. The possible reason for their removal may be a little more…disappointing.

Looking back at some of our old photos, it looks like Disney messed up and printed the Imagination Pavilion logo backwards (there’s a metaphor there, somewhere). First, here’s a look at the proper Imagination Pavilion logo (left).

Now, here’s a look at the logo as it was printed at the EPCOT entrance. While it may appear correct here, the wind direction is actually blowing all of the flags “backwards” as evidenced by the other logos. If it looks correct when the wind is blowing it backwards, that means that it was actually printed backwards.

Here’s another look at the logo and flag with the wind blowing the correct direction this time.

In this wider photo, you can see that just the west (right) flag was misprinted.

Disney has not commented on the misprint, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if they do.

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