Full “Decontamination” Pre-Show Returns to Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Earlier this month, the full pre-show experience returned to the Flight of Passage attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We made it out to the park today to grab some photos and report on the changes.

The pre-show experience typically consists of two chambers, or holding areas, where guests watch a series of videos meant to tell the backstory of the attraction and inform guests on how to board the ride. As a result of COVID-19 safety measures, Disney spaced guests out in the pre-show by opening both chambers at the same time to encourage distancing. Here’s a look back at the COVID-era operations.

Now, Flight of Passage has returned to pre-pandemic operations.

The full pre-show has returned, complete with “decontamination” effects as Disney World returns to normal. While the photos above are from today, you can watch our video of the pre-show below from when the attraction first opened.

Of course, the attraction itself went to full capacity last December with guests riding elbow-to-elbow even before mask mandates were rescinded.

PHOTOS: Guests Now Riding Elbow-to-Elbow After Recent Flight of Passage Social Distancing Policy Change
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