Former Imagineer Joe Rohde Sends Iconic Earrings to Space

    Joe Rohde has an iconic look. The former Walt Disney Imagineer may have won Disney fans over worldwide for his genius-level designs within the theme parks, but it was dangling, shoulder-length earrings that made him instantly recognizable in a sea of creatives within the company.

    Rohde, who retired at the start of 2021, has chosen an ambitious encore career at Virgin Galactic as the first-ever Experience Architect. Recently, billionaire Richard Branson made an historic flight into space and he wasn’t the only special payload on the flight.

    In an Instagram post, Rohde revealed that some of his own treasured artifacts made it into space, including a few of his iconic earrings. Other relics included 2000-year-old beads and a lapel from Rohde’s stint at the Explorers Club.

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