RUMOR: Shanghai Disneyland Adding a New High-Speed Roller Coaster

A new rumor is floating around that Shanghai Disneyland is in the process of collecting bids for a new roller coaster. The rumor comes via what appears to be a screenshot of an email soliciting a bid for the new roller coaster. has not been able to independently verify the information.

A rough and imperfect translation seems to indicate that the bid is for a high-speed, outdoor roller coaster with two launches and possibly a track switch feature.

Any further information contained in the screenshot appears to relate to the bidding process and is not directly related to the ride system or description.

If the image proves to be legitimate, we could expect a new roller coaster at a minimum, or a new themed land altogether. Shangahi Disneyland was built with multiple expansion areas in place, including one that is being used to bring the Zootopia-themed land to life.

BREAKING: ‘Zootopia’-Themed Expansion Coming to Shanghai Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland has announced that they will be bringing a Zootopia-themed land to the resort. This marks the first-ever Zootopia land at a Disney Park.

The attraction in Zootopia is rumored to be a trackless dark ride, so this roller coaster bid would not be associated with the work taking place there. Construction photos from September 2020 would support the theory that the attraction will not be a roller coaster, and is housed in a warehouse-style structure like Rise of the Resistance or Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

When thinking about what type of roller coaster might fit the bill, the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars from Hong Kong Disneyland comes to mind. While there is only one launch on Runaway Mine Cars, there are multiple track switches. Vekoma was the manufacturer for Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

As with any rumor, you should treat the information in this article as unofficial unless and until Disney confirms it.

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