Disney Investment in Theme Parks Reaches Lowest Level Since 2013

    Disney released their 2021 earnings report yesterday, and while they painted a picture of a recovering business, theme park fans got a peek behind the curtain on just how little Disney has invested in their theme parks following the COVID-19 shutdowns back in 2020.

    According to the report, Disney spent $2.27 billion on capital expenditures within their theme parks and resorts in fiscal 2021, which ended October 2, 2021.

    This figure represents the lowest overall theme parks and resorts spending since 2013 and is even lower than the expected $2.4 billion that Disney previously forecasted. Disney said that spending delays across the enterprise were enacted, and pointed to those delays as the reason that spending was lower than previous guidance. If we were to throw out 2013, 2021 spending would’ve been the lowest since 2010.

    Domestically, spending was at its lowest since 2015 when Shanghai Disneyland accounted for a substantial chunk of theme park spending. Here’s a look at worldwide spending levels in recent years:

    • 2021: $2.27 billion
    • 2020: $2.90 billion
    • 2019: $4.14 billion
    • 2018: $3.88 billion
    • 2017: $3.19 billion
    • 2016: $4.22 billion
    • 2015: $3.60 billion
    • 2014: $2.69 billion
    • 2013: $2.11 billion
    • 2012: $2.88 billion
    • 2011: $2.72 billion
    • 2010: $1.53 billion

    In fiscal 2022, Disney expects their overall capital expenditures to be $2.5 billion more than in 2021, but it’s unclear how much of that will be invested in the parks. That said, a few projects were identified as targets for 2021 investments. Oddly enough, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was identified as an area within the theme parks that will receive new investments.

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