Cast Members Effectively Blocked Out of Disney World Theme Parks Due to Disney Park Pass System

    One of the perks of being a Disney Parks Cast Member is being able to play where you work. Disney Cast Members around the world are given free access to the Disney theme parks as one of the perks of being an employee of Disney.

    However, since the introduction of the Disney Park Pass reservation system, it’s not just guests who are finding the system a “pain in the ass“, it’s Cast Members as well.

    Just like an Annual Passholder, Cast Members effectively have two layers of blackouts – an actual blockout calendar, and the Disney Park Pass reservation system.

    First, here’s a look at the Disney Cast Member blockout schedule. As you can see, only a single date (May 10th) shows all four parks as being “open” to Cast Members. Of course, the calendar below is just the first layer of blackouts. Basically, this blockout calendar shows what’s allowed, but it’s the Disney Park Pass reservation system that shows what’s available. Already, things are looking pretty bleak.

    Recently, Disney added a Disney Park Pass availability calendar to the Cast-only online portal. This availability calendar shows what Park Passes are available to book after taking the above blockout calendar into consideration.

    As of yesterday, only 10 dates showed partial availability in April and May.

    Remember May 10th from the blockout calendar above? While it shows all four parks as being open to Cast Members as part of their employment perk, there are no Disney Park Passes available to Cast Members wishing to visit.

    As Disney continues to move forward with self-imposed limits on park capacity, it would seemingly be difficult for Disney to list theme park access as a Cast Member perk (in good faith).

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    1. Disney is just cutting and cutting and cutting their own neck eventually. People are finally beginning to see the mess the Disney parks are. I think this is the rush after Covid and Bob Chapek is milking it for all it’s worth until it eventually slows down. What a cold man. Ruin the plans and dreams of people spending potentially thousands of dollars for a dream Disney vacation just to pad his bottom line. Selfish. Ebeneezr Chapek. Hope your ghost haunt you.

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