Splash Mountain Log Sinks Again at Disney World

    In a video uploaded to TikTok yesterday, guests are seen evacuating out of a Splash Mountain log as it takes on water at Magic Kingdom. According to the uploader, the event took place on Monday, March 28th, and data from thrill-data does show that the attraction was closed from around 11am to almost 2pm.

    The video below appears to show a Splash Mountain log near the end of the ride as it takes on water – something that is rare for the attraction, but not unheard of. In a similar incident in August 2020, photos surfaced of a Splash Mountain log submerged near the end of the attraction.

    Here’s a look at the incident that reportedly took place on March 28, 2022. It looks like there was a backup at the attraction and that the front of the log behind the sunken log went over the back edge of the log in question. It’s likely that the log in the back ended up exerting some downward force on the log in front, which effectively lowered the edge of the log and allowed water rushing by to enter the log and start to sink it.

    It looks like all guests were able to exit the boat safely, although likely soaked.

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    1. I wish Disney would put as more effort into making sure their rides were operational, as they do in politics that has zero to do with their company.

    2. A metaphor for Disney. Sinking slowly but surely by virtue of Their Own changes to try to stay current with the culture no.

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