Disney Lawyers, Lobbyists Reportedly Working on Solution to Help DeSantis “Save Face”, Claim Victory Over “Woke Culture”

    According to a report from the Washington Post, Disney lawyers and lobbyists are working behind the scenes while the company stays publicly quiet over a recent bill that aims to dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not been shy over what critics are calling a retaliatory piece of legislation. Recently, DeSantis all but confirmed that the legislation is an attack over Disney’s stance on the “Don’t Say Gay” law, telling Fox News “I am not comfortable having one company with their own government and special privileges when that company has pledged itself to attacking the parents in my state”.

    Now, a report from the Washington Post claims that Disney’s lobbyists and lawyers are trying to find a solution that allows DeSantis to save face over a law that poses more questions than answers:

    Lobbyists and lawyers have been working behind the scenes to find a solution that would allow DeSantis “to save face” and continue to claim a victory over “woke culture,” while in reality doing very little to impede the company’s massive operations in Florida.
    Washington Post

    The Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) has reassured investors that the state is on the hook for $1 billion of debt – a debt that DeSantis is confident that the state will not pay, despite existing laws outlining government obligation in the exact scenario that RCID is facing.

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    1. Not DeSantis that needs to save face. He’s got the public behind him. It’s Disney that needs an out without upsetting all of their alphabet people.

      • It doesn’t matter if the public is behind him. The law is the law . Desantis tried to childishly attack a company for not agreeing with him and its backfiring since even though he promises florida won’t pay, the law says otherwise, and it’s a contract with disney. I do think it’s dumb for disney to try to help him save face they should just stick to their guns and go all in if they took a stand on something they shouldn’t help the person they are against. Yes there stock price has gone down but it’s post pandemic and at the same level it was 3 yrs ago so not a big deal and we shouldn’t want a company that employs more people than any other in the state to fail.

        • Well – I though it was Disney that decided to enter the politic arena (They really have done that more and more the last 4 years)…They should have just focus on improving the guest experience instead

    2. This feels like a desperate attempt by Disney to save face. Why would they want to help DeSantis? And what makes them so arrogant to think he needs help? What is Disney’s stock price?

    3. They need to burn that petulant child in the public eye. He is the the worst politicians cince Trump. In fact hatat really is all he is. . a Trump wannabe.

    4. As Luis above wrote, the law is the law. Disney, though in a stronger position legally, also has a lot to lose from this, so in my opinion, they’re doing the more intelligent thing. End this quickly, give this politician the fake win and get back to focusing on entertainment and profit. Unfortunately for me, it dont matter either way; I had enough of the divided politics in FL. I just sold all of my properties at a remarkable profit; sorry to say; I felt terrible because I knew they were overpriced and would crash sooner or later. I am moving out permanently. Good luck.

    5. Instead of helping everyday Florida residents with rising costs, unemployment or other important issues, This man-child is too busy trying to look tough for his presidential ambitions. Instead, his actions potentially may increase taxes for residents. And, with the right always crying about first amendment free-speech issues, it’s really rich that they’re acting retaliatory toward Disney for their right to free speech. ( Even as wishy-washy as it was) It’s really sad that politicians vilify groups of citizens just because they are different from themself or their beliefs. No one is coming for or take anything from you. Politicians like DeSantis will literally say anything to get people riled up with us vs. them nonsense to convi