Disney World Makes “120-Minute Rule” Official for Disney Genie+, Clearly States Rules for Use

    Some changes have gone into effect today for the Disney Genie+ service, and it looks like Disney World has updated some wording on their website that more clearly lays out the rules on when you can make another Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane selection. Most notably, Disney has made the “120-minute rule” official. We’ve discussed the 120-minute rule extensively in our reports from using the Disney Genie+ service, but this is the first time that we’re aware that Disney is formally acknowledging the rule as part of the Disney Genie+ service.

    In addition to the 120-minute rule being formally acknowledged, Disney is now clearly stating the “rules” for using the Disney Genie+ service. It’s worth noting that the “rules” haven’t changed, they’ve just been more clearly communicated by Disney. Here’s a look at the new wording:

    Lightning Lane Entry Through Disney Genie+ Service

    Use the Lightning Lane entrances offered through Disney Genie+ service and save time waiting in line. On average, Guests can enter 2 to 3 attractions or experiences per day using Lightning Lane entrances, if the first selection is made early in the day.

    You can enjoy a Disney Genie+ service Lightning Lane entrance once per day. If you’d like to experience an attraction again or see a certain show again within the same day, you are welcome to use our regular standby line.

    What’s the Price?
    Disney Genie+ service may be purchased for $15 plus tax (USD) per person per day.

    How to Purchase Disney Genie+ Service:

    1. From the main menu in the My Disney Experience mobile app select “My Disney Genie Day”.
    2. Select the “My Day” tab, then tap “Get Disney Genie+ for Today.”

    What Are the Rules?

    • Make sure you have valid admission and a theme park reservation to the same park on the same day.
    • Disney Genie+ service Lightning Lane selections can only be made one at a time. You must redeem an existing Disney Genie+ service Lightning Lane selection or wait 2 hours—whichever comes first—before making another Lightning Lane entrance selection through Disney Genie+ service. Please note: the 2-hour wait to make another selection begins when the park opens, even if you made your first booking at 7:00 AM.
    • All attractions and experiences are subject to availability.
    • Guests may be able to purchase Disney Genie+ service the day of their park visit and make their first Lightning Lane selections at 7:00 AM.

    Disney Genie+ service, attractions and experiences may vary by date, are subject to change or closure, are limited in availability and are not guaranteed and may not be available at all on the date of visit or at the time you make a selection. Price, terms and entitlements are subject to restrictions, and change or cancellation without notice.

    Please Remember: To enter a theme park, both a valid admission and theme park reservation for the same park and same date are required. Parks and park reservations are limited, subject to capacity and availability, and specific dates or parks are not guaranteed.

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    1. As a long-time annual passholder, I find this insulting. Things moved pretty well when the option was free Fast Pass or waiting in line. The current decision makers at Disney World would prefer to squeeze every last dime out of tourists who don’t know better. Pay $400+ for a family of four and then another $60 so that “On average, Guests can enter 2 to 3 attractions or experiences per day using Lightning Lane entrances, if the first selection is made early in the day”? That is disgraceful. Walt and Roy would not be happy. This is more like P.T. Barnum’s “There is a sucker born every minute”.

    2. Very disappointed with the new charge and rules of the Genie program. Disney World is already so expensive.

    3. The 120 minute rule did NOT work for us. We were unable to reserve any other rides until we were finished with the ride we were able to reserve at 7 am. After we were finished with the first ride, all the popular rides weren’t available until 6pm or later! After spending mega money on regular tickets and then $15 per person on the Genie Plus, I think Disney should be less money grabbing and limit the crowds for a better experience for everyone.

      • That’s the problem, especially at Disney World! Waiting the 2 hours, there is nothing left to choose from! It’s such a waste of money there! I couldn’t believe it! Disneyland is a bit better, but not much!

    4. What I find confusing are the parts saying, Genie+ lightening lane is doable for at least three rides if reservations are made early enough, but then it says LL entrances can only be used once a day.

      • It’s once a day per attraction. Like you can’t use it on space mountain for two separate times on the same day. We used it in April this year and found it very confusing and frustrating. No one in the the park was even helpful with it. A few people we met waiting in obscenely long lines gave us a few pointers, but overall we did not see much benefit of the lightning lane. It helped in a couple rides but disappointing.

      • This is what I came here to say. It doesn’t make sense. No one can explain this so I can understand. The way I see it, you use one, then get another one. Period. If it’s 10am and the next one isn’t available until 6pm…then magically another one opens up…you can’t book it unless it 4pm or earlier. Am I right!?

      • You can use it for as many rides as you can manage to book in a day (usually 2 or 3), but you can only use it once per attraction. So if the booking times worked out you could use it to go on Jungle Cruise at 7, then Big Thunder Mountain at 8, then It’s A Small World at noon, Under The Sea at 1, etc. but if you wanted to ride It’s A Small World a second time you would have to wait in standby.

    5. It is quickly becoming such a stressful and less enjoyable experience. The pressure to get all the attractions that your children want plus the astronomical costs are pricing us out of being a Disney family like we once were.

    6. We’ve been visiting the parks and the lines are ridiculous with the fast pass, I understand having the option but there should be a better way of functionality to make it fair for everyone. We have been coming here fir tears and all of the changes are very disappointing. We will most likely not come back.

    7. I’m a long time AP and I thought I’d give it a try. WORST experience beaver!!! WASTE of time and money. Honestly, FP worked and I’ll tell you why. 1. You can plan ahead 2. You could sleep in!! 3. You’re NOT paying for BROKEN rides. That’s BS!!!! 4. IT WAS FREE 5. Less stress because see all of the above.

      Honestly, why give Disney more $$$$. If you can go at rope drop you’ll have a good time and a great chance of being able to do your must dos😉

    8. Was in the parks today….Disney genie sucks!!! Here a few times a year and rode less rides than I ever have and it wasn’t a super busy day. Money grab for Disney. I wouldn’t mind the money grab if it actually helped. Park hopping is basically useless now because you’ll never get on a decent ride at your second park without a very long wait. Will probably just not ad park hopper anymore

    9. I am sorry Disney I will be spending my money elsewhere . The genie plus is awful. I recommend Universal more fun and fast past is awesome. Greed will get you Disney best of luck.

    10. I think when they say you can only use it only 1 time it means only one time per ride like you can’t buy 2 lighting lanes for the same ride for 1 person. You can get more rides they just have to be different rides.

    11. I think that Universal does a better job when it comes to their express pass(their version of lightning lane). You spend an extra $80-$110 a ticket, however you can join the express lane anytime and you don’t have to return at a specific time. Not to mention you don’t have to constantly be on your phone hoping you get a decent return time. I think that the lightning lane sometimes slows down the normal line..

    12. Seems more like Disney is betting to nickle and dime their customers for every penny they can get their grubby fingers on. Last time we went in 2017 Disney offered all these perks for staying on premise: Magical Express from the Airport, free parking at Disney hotels, Disney Dining Plan, Fast Passes, Magic Bands linked to your debit/credit card, tickets, and hotel room, Extra Hours. Now it’s vend for yourself to get from the airport to the Disney Hotel, now you pay for parking at the hotel, no dining plan so they can charge you whatever they want, pay more for that Genie+ Lightning Lane passes or get at the back of the line, magic bands have been replaced by a mobile app on your phone (don’t lose it), and extra hours are available if you pay extra. Going to Disney is not cheap to begin with, hell most families do it once with their kids as a right of passage. Now, it seems, that Disney is just fine with outpricing the middle class families so they can cash the big bucks. Do they really think upper middle class or higher really cares about going to fake Paris on the World Showcase when they can afford to go to the real place? Yeah, sure, whatever they want to 🤔

    13. Never fails to amaze me how people consider Disney as a vacation destination. Do you REALLY have that much money to throw away on such nonsense. Actually, I love seeing such people taken to the cleaners by the greediest company in the world!

    14. Dear Disney,
      What have you done to the happiest place on Earth? The cost of Genie, the cost of food, you’ve ruined everything

    15. We were recently at Disney and you were not able to select your next Genie+ attraction until you passed through the entrance to your ride. So, if your first ride favorite ride wasn’t until 1:30, you couldn’t book another attraction until after that time. We went on less attractions than we ever went on in the past! Extremely disappointed!

      • Tapping into an attraction is one way to be eligible for another selection. Another way to be eligible to book another attraction is with the 120-minute rule described in this article

    16. We just left WDW this morning. Visited thw 4 parks foe the week. Got up to book Genie+ every morning at the 7am window. Just to be clear, you’re allowed 2 Lightning Lanes per day…..after the 2nd booking the app will tell you that the maximum number has been booked for the park guest. So saying 2‐3 is inaccurate. And frankly, I’m positive I could have booked us up to 5 experiences if Genie+ was actually helpful. One other thing it does completely wrong is: suggesting your next attraction/experience….it is completely random! It doesn’t cluster attractions by location/land. Who wrote this programming? It sucks!

      • You purchased Individual Lightning Lane, which is limited to two per day. Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane selections are not limited in number outside of not being able to make the same selection twice

    17. Genie Plus only worked well for us at MK where we booked our first LL ride shortly after entry and could proceed to reserve throughout the day. We were also lucky there was lightning (weather) closure, which helped with crowds. However, we did not get to ride Splash and that’s unusual for us. Genie+ messed up our AK and Hollywood days and our ability to ride coupled with crowds was disappointing. We are also *not* rope drop people so would love to see a Disney after-Dark adults-only experience with late park closings. We can dream! Agree that Universal’s unlimited express pass system, though heartstoppingly expensive, is more of a VIP experience.

    18. Disney is so money hungry, like they don’t have enough! We used to go with our family every year. Not anymore. Ruined the happiest place for us. We’ll use our money on other trips now.

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