Disney World Survey Asks Guests to Name “Insensitive” Attractions, Hints at Change Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    As Disney World continues to create new attractions and experiences, a recent survey could signal that Disney is looking to bring something new to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In a survey sent out to guests who have visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney asks a very direct question about change at the theme park.

    Then, Disney asked guests to assign terms to the current attractions and experiences. From “iconic” to “boring”, Disney clearly wanted to learn more about what guests think of the current lineup of attractions and experiences. Interestingly, Disney also asked guests to note if the attraction or experience was “insensitive”. For this survey, “insensitive” was described as “perceived as disrespectful to some audiences”.

    Disney specifically asked follow-up questions to our response about Affection Section and Rafiki’s Planet Watch/Conservation Station.

    Disney has not announced any new attractions or experiences for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but with the D23 Expo coming up, many guests are hoping for an announcement of new offerings at the theme parks. The biggest target for a new attraction or experience would seemingly be DinoLand where there is a giant void of nothingness where the Primeval Whirl attraction used to sit. Demolition of Primeval Whirl started in September 2021 and was completed just a couple of months later.

    Pterodactyl’s-Eye View of Extinct Primeval Whirl Attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
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    1. The magic Kingdom needs a new attraction called “field of dreams” where aroma therapy, relaxing binaural sounds, and comfy reclining couches take you on an adventure in your dreams. That way people can stop taking naps in the Hall of Presidents. If they did an attraction like this it would be an instant hit, and my absolute favorite!

    2. What criteria was used to select the guests invited to participate in their survey? My family of 5 visited all 4 parks in January and stayed in property, used the My Disney Experience App and purchased the Genie+ but did not receive the survey.

      • Key word being January. It’s now the end of july. Things change in the course of half a year. The survey is new hence the news story coming out july 21st.

    3. What follow up question did they have for Affection Section? Do you think that is the attraction they are closing?

    4. Notice that they had to put insensitive as the very first response. Somebody is going to be offended they can just stay home. So sick of this.

    5. Why wasn’t this survey offered prior to making changes to the audio in Peter Pan’s Flight or deciding to re-theme Splash Mountain? Seems to me like Disney already has their mind made up.

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