New Look Revealed for Princess Tiana in ‘Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’ Ride

    Disney has just released concept art of Princess Tiana in the newly announced Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, replacing Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. Here’s a look!

    For more on the new ride, check out our article below!

    ‘Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’ to Open in Late 2024, Replacing Splash Mountain
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    1. This ride will be a tremendous flop. The vast majority of WDW’s demographic have zero interest in crap like this.

      • Are you saying WDW’s main demographic is racist white people? SM takes inspiration and characters from Song of The South, an overtly racist movie that Disney has locked away permanently. The kids that ride it today have no idea who Uncle Remus or Br’er Rabbit are. The do however know who Princess Tiana is and every black child adores Princess and the Frog. It’s still going to be a log flume splash ride so I’m not sure why you’re worked up about a ride getting revisited after decades of use. If you are that upset then don’t go, the parks are an inclusive world for everyone and could do without people getting hurt over racist rhetoric being thrown out.


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