Splash Mountain Log Sinks at Magic Kingdom for Third Time

    According to a video posted to social media, another Splash Mountain log has sunk at Magic Kingdom, marking the third time this has happened since August 2020. A video posted to Facebook shows a log (ride vehicle) submerged as guests try to hop out of the vehicle. The ride is still moving as guests attempt to jump out. A second log bumps into the back of the sunken log and appears to hit guests.

    In this screenshot from a video posted by Ted Klein, you can see the sunken log and guests attempting to flee the vehicle.

    At this point, it’s frankly unbelievable that Splash Mountain is still open and that the ride vehicles keep sinking. Maintenance on the attraction has clearly slipped to a point where it is dangerous, but Disney has kept the ride open.

    Disney will eventually shut Splash Mountain down forever to turn it into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but hopefully the work not only includes a new theme for the ride, but an updated and safer ride experience.

    ‘Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’ to Open in Late 2024, Replacing Splash Mountain
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    1. Something that runs on rails in 6 inches of water can NOT SINK! It took on a little water and people panicked and climbed out into a position where the next log could hit them. If they had obeyed the safety instructions they wouldn’t have been hurt. It’s a theme park ride not the Titanic.

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