PHOTO TOUR: New EPCOT Parking Lot Names, Row Numbers, Characters & “Earth” and “Space” Tram Signage

    Another day, another new era at EPCOT. After tracking permits since August 2022, we finally have our first look at the new EPCOT parking lot names, characters, and row numbers as the theme park continues its multi-year transformation. Take a walk with us around the EPCOT parking lot to see the new characters and learn where you’ll park on your next visit! Here’s a look at our overview of the parking lot names and changes.

    Old EPCOT parking lot names
    New EPCOT parking lot names and characters

    We’ll start with the “Space”-themed side of the parking lots.

    Gamora (601-616)

    Gamora takes the place of the former Wonder Lot, and will likely rarely be used for parking. Currently, its being used for staging for an upcoming runDisney race.

    Rocket (601-616)

    Formerly the Explore Lot, Rocket is going to be a common lot and was the lot that we were parked in as morning arrivals.

    Wall-E (501-513)

    Wall-E is the new name for the former Imagine Lot, which is the current parking lot for Cast Members, but if another rumor we’re tracking turns out to be true, Cast will park in the yet-to-debut Eve lot.

    Time to move over to the “Earth”-themed parking lots!

    Moana (301-311)

    Moana takes over the former Amaze Lot and contains a lot of newly installed handicap locations.

    Hei Hei (100-110)

    The Hei Hei lot takes over the Journey Lot and is going to be where preferred parking is, and where your rideshare pickup is (for now).

    Crush (201-216)

    Crush takes over the Discover Lot and will also be a highly utilized lot, especially on runDisney race days.

    Dory (401-417)

    Dory is right next to crush and takes over the former Create Lot.

    Before we move on to tram signage, we want to note that with the new names, Disney also created “mid-row” signage that is installed in the lots and shows a single row number in an attempt to help you better judge where you are.

    Signs along the tram lanes will have a range of rows, whereas these mid-row signs will have just the row they’re installed on.

    Space Tram & Earth Tram

    As you can see in the photo above, there is a blue side and a green side of the parking lot that corresponds to “Earth” and “Space”. Here’s the updated tram signage to reflect the theme change and the parking lot name changes. All of this sigange has a blue theme for World Celebration, but perhaps Disney will change the color of some of these signs as guests start to associate green and blue with the lots they parked in. It could be another way to help guests find the right lot and find their car. Or maybe they’ll just stay blue.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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