Detailed Look at Team Green Enterprise Post-Show Space for TRON Lightcycle Run

    Once you’ve completed your Lightcycle race (another win for Team Blue), guests will exit TRON Lightcycle Run and find a “Team Green” post-show space. This relaxation area is a spot where Enterprise gets to shine a bit as the presenting sponsor of TRON Lightcycle Run. The Team Green post-show space highlights a new race team, Team Green, and features a Mark V state-of-the-art Lightcycle on display. This formidable vehicle has been exported from the Grid into the real world. As it awaits its turn to race, its engine revs with pulsating green lights – creating a photo opportunity for Users.

    Here’s a look at the space, with this first photo showing the view that guests will get after they have collected their belongings from the locker and exited the ride.

    Here’s the reverse angle from the exit.

    Back to the main entrance.

    A single green light runs throughout the space, emanating from the Enterprise logo.

    Here’s a look at the Mark V Lightcycle before we take a look the rotating informational displays.

    The wall behind the Team Green Lightcycle provides a bit more background on Team Green and the Mark V Lightcycle. Perhaps the best part is some easter eggs in the computer text. We know of a few, and we’re sure that there are more to be discovered.

    Working from left to right, and top to bottom, here’s a closer look at the graphic. One of the easter eggs in the text is “MK2”, which refers to the project name.

    Again, we see MK2 and “program-2023”, likely a reference to when TRON Lightcycle Run opened at Magic Kingdom.

    The next three segments introduce us to the three Team Green programs that are currently on display within the space – ROM, Nexus, and Modus.

    “ROM=cus_ex/enterprise/tm.grn” shows that ROM is a Customer Experience focused program that is part of Enterprise Team Green. Other easter eggs could be “USER_alloc82” with 82 referencing 1982 which is when the first Tron movie was released.

    Next up is “#program::NEXUS=tm.grn_innov/direct”. That introduces Nexus as part of Team Green and Nexus is the Innovation Director.

    Finally, we’re introduced to Modus, the Team Green Chief Mobility Officer via the string “(MODUS_tm.grn)run:cp:gridsize”.

    Before we continue through the graphic, here are the user information profiles for each of the programs listed above.

    Moving back to the graphic, here are all of the Team Green programs. Disney says that we’ll be introduced to every program eventually.

    We’re also introduced to the Mark V Lightcycle in the graphic.

    Here are our front-row and back-row POV ride-through videos for TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom!

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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