Energy Bytes TRON Snack Stand Review at Magic Kingdom

    Good morning from Magic Kingdom and the first day of TRON Lightcycle Run soft openings! As part of the soft opening, Energy Bytes (the TRON snack stand) is now open to guests. Note that in order to access Energy Bytes during the soft opening period, you will need to have a confirmed Virtual Queue Boarding Group or have purchased an Individual Lightning Lane as access to the TRON Lightcycle Run plaza is still blocked off. As part of our coverage of the soft opening, we wanted to take a byte out of the all-new Energy Bytes offering! Here’s our Energy Bytes review!

    Energy Bytes can be found in the TRON Lightcycle Run plaza, just to the left of the welcome sign, and before you head up the ramp toward the attraction entrance. When we visited, the specialty drink wasn’t available, but we did get a chance to try all of the food items.

    Beef and Broccoli Digital Dumplings – $8.79

    with Broccoli Pesto, Crispy Garlic, and Ginger-Soy Broth

    This dumpling is bursting at the seams and packed with beef. For our taste, the broccoli pesto was almost unnoticeable, especially with the soy broth delivering the classic soy flavor. It’s a bit of a shame too because the flavor of the broccoli pesto is spot-on and should be highlighted more. The soy overpowers, but there is enough beef to find “value” here (as much as you can find “value” in a $9 dumpling). We wish there was slightly less of a soy bath for the dumplings and some more of the broccoli pesto, but it’s early and that could be adjusted.

    Energy Bytes Review – Beef dumplings

    Buffalo Chicken Digital Dumpling – $8.49

    with Celery, Dehydrated Blue Cheese, and Cayenne Pepper Broth

    Another dumpling that is packed to the brim with chicken, it’s only hidden in the photos by the dehydrated blue cheese and crumbles on the top. I don’t know what fills quicker, the TRON Lightcycle Run Boarding Groups, or your mouth with spiciness from the cayenne pepper broth. This is not a dumpling for the timid, nor should it be. There are a myriad of places within Magic Kingdom where you can get a hot dog or chicken tenders, but this is a unique enough dish that we think stands out.

    Energy Bytes Review – Chicken dumplings

    Eaten by itself, the dehydrated blue cheese is wonderful, with only a hint of traditional blue cheese flavor, which is good for guests who might be a little shy around traditional blue cheese. Chunks of celery add a different bit of texture but do little to cool the mouth.

    On the whole, this is a spicy dumpling that might not deliver on traditional buffalo flavor, but instead, it creates its own wonderful blend of spiciness that should be approached with a bit of caution (but still remains accessible).

    Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes – $5.79

    with Mocha Sauce

    Time for some desserts! We start with the Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes, which sit in a bath of mocha sauce. The surprise of the day may have been the pop rocks used as toppings that, again, add a little twist to something that looks rather standard. The glazed chocolate doughnuts we were served were fresh and we made sure to tackle this with a spoon so we could scoop up some of the delicious mocha sauce with each bite (and maybe a few spoonfuls once we ran out of doughnuts).

    Energy Bytes Review – Doughnut holes

    Strawberry IceOform – $5.29

    Ice Cream Mochi with Caramelized Graham Cracker Crumbs, and Cheesecake Foam

    This is decidedly a strawberry-first dessert. The mochi, frozen a bit, is just a tad firmer than we would’ve liked, but the flavors stand independently from the texture. The cheesecake foam keeps the dessert balanced, but again it’s very strawberry. The graham cracker crumbs add a fourth type of texture, which makes the dessert as fun as it is delicious. Maybe it was because we had this right after the Buffalo Chicken Digital Dumplings, but it was a refreshing dessert that continues the theme of pushing the boundaries of what a snack stand can (and should) do in the world’s busiest theme park.

    Energy Bytes Review – Strawberry mochi

    Overall, we were pleased with the food. It shouldn’t replace a meal at Skipper Canteen, but we’ll certainly return and find enough variety of flavors to find something that’ll fit our mood for the day. Soy or spice, chocolate or strawberry…or all of the above! It’s also worth saying that Disney deserves credit for thinking outside of the box a bit. With Lunching Pad and other snack stands nearby, we appreciate their willingness to create something unique with Energy Bytes, and we hope that they will continue to be creative with Magic Kingdom food in the future.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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