DeSantis Looks to Punish Disney World Guests in Latest Retaliatory Move Against Disney

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing his attack on Disney following comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger that have been described in national media as a masterclass in how to handle a bully. In Disney’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, Iger took the issue of DeSantis’ actions against the Walt Disney World property head-on, calling the Florida Governor’s actions “anti-business and anti-Florida”. Iger noted that DeSantis’ move to take over the Reedy Creek Improvement District was retaliation against The Walt Disney Company for the Company exercising its First Amendment right to free speech. In a recent interview, DeSantis acknowledged that Disney has a First Amendment right to oppose the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, but that wouldn’t stop the aspiring governor from issuing new threats against the company.

    DeSantis warned that Disney should “buckle up” and that “come hell or high water, we’re going to make sure that the policy of Florida carries the day”. DeSantis promised that “we’re going to win on every single issue involving Disney” and said that the Florida Legislature will move to void the legal contracts between Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and the Reedy Creek Improvement District. It is worth noting that the Reedy Creek Improvement District was not resolved by DeSantis and his rubber-stamp legislature. Instead, the District continued with changes such as DeSantis’ ability to hand-select Board members for the District and a renaming from the Reedy Creek Improvement District to the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

    In the same recent comments where the Governor warned against further action from the State and Legislature, DeSantis said that not only will the Legislature void the legal agreement between Disney and the renamed entity known as the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, but that the State will also look into taxes on the hotels, tolls on the roads, and developing property that the District owns. Of course, things like hotel taxes and toll roads would be something that would punish the guest visiting Walt Disney World, but it looks like DeSantis is not content with just punishing Disney at this point, but also the patrons.

    Right now, DeSantis’ threats are simply talk, but we’ll continue to monitor the ever-evolving situation between the State of Florida and Walt Disney World in the weeks, months, and years to come.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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    1. This is hitting Disney where it hurts … their wallet. This isn’t punishing guests. This will drive guests away and send them to Universal. Very shrewd move

      • Issuing taxes on Disney doesn’t mean guests will go to Universal. While some will, others will simply cancle vacation plans. Hitting Disney in the wallet means that Florida will also suffer due to the fact that Disney is the largest employer in the state. Decreased revenue means that Disney will have to trim costs. Such costs include employees. In the end, DeSantis is just hurting Florida by wasting tax dollars and hurting future tax income from the largest employer in the state. Not a shewed move at all. It’s endangering Florida’s well-being for political points

        • you got that right. I have lived in Florida since I was born in FLL 75 yrs ago and this is the worst most inconsiderate governor we have EVER had towards Florida and the well being of the working people of Florida that live here year round. No benefits for any permanent residents only concern and care for corporations that agree with him and that are giving to him in return for special treatment like the Publix Covid $$$$$ and part time snow bird residents that get benefits from their home state and double dip on some benefits from Florida because they can afford attorneys to finagle home ownership records etc. The country is DOOMED if he were to ever become President. It would be as bad probably worse than Trump who I never voted for. I am a female Republican and have never and will never vote for any Republican again as long as God has me live, Most of them have destroyed our democracy and our rights and eventually we will be like Russia or China under whatever Republican is left to RULE our Country. I wish Disney good luck this is my third or forth year as annual pass holder and Im not sure how much longer I can afford to go to Orlando from Placida but I will support Disney over DeSantis as long as I can.

      • Very shrewd if what you have in mind is to diminish the amount of money Disney pays into the tourism dollars being paid to the state. Less dollars, less income. Very shrewd, indeed.

      • So, make it so Disney raises prices (which hurts guests) and cut costs by firing employees. Do this to the biggest employer and a big draw to the state? Well, maybe Disney will move or go out of business. That will show them to exercise their right to free speach! Criticize the government and see where it gets you. Wait….

      • Herr DeSantis doesn’t care if he hurts tourist. He attempted the genocide of the physically and mentally handicapped at the Special Olympics by not allowing them to help those who can’t help themselves and exposing the handicapped to covid.

      • Death SANTIS should be worrying about people that are still suffering from the hurricane our ins costs and our polluted waters! He’s such a Nazi trying to strong arm Disney for sticking up for real freedoms!

    2. I hope DeSantis runs Disney out of Florida. He will be the biggest reason Florida’s economy will suffer and that will result in not sa many votes for the new Castro. Mississippi or Louisiana could really use a new tourist resort. He won’t tie Disney’s hands,he’ll force Florida’s. If Disney loses so will Florida and ultimately Baby Castro.

      • Gulf Shores would be perfect. Just across the state line in AL. Stick it to Dictator Ron, Disney. Most of Florida lives Disney, we’ll follow…..

      • Let’s pray that your wish never comes true! DeSantis is as dangerous as Hitler and Trump combined.

      • Yeah. Let’s have a president who stomps all over the first amendment – over and over again – and then brags about it. Great material.

      • No you don’t. I live in Florida. We have the highest illiteracy rate, highest property taxes, unaffordable housing, and highest hazard insurance (house-property insurance) in the entire United States. He is nothing but a bully, and if you do or say something he doesn’t personally like, he will punish you. It is like living in a dictatorship

    3. DeSantis is truly acting like a child because Disney didn’t agree with him and exercised the first amendment making non-disparaging comments on those topics. From the apparent temper tantrum he’s throwing now to “show them”, God help the entire country if he manages to get in to the White House. Who would be next on his list?

    4. The petulant child strikes again. All he has to do now is find 49 more organizations to screw when he takes his “Presidential campaign “ on the road.

    5. This article is unprofessional, filled with bias, and outright nonsensical. Iger is a major bully, but for some reason, someone here has decided to be his shill.

      • Because preach. Disney ‘adults’ are uneducated, hypocritical idiots. In one breathe they cry about ‘CaPiTaLiSm,’ and in another breathe the cry about the people of Florida standing against Californians trying to influence our state policy. DeSantis is taking on the bills that are Disney leftists, and won’t back down because it’s what the puerile of Florida want.

        • I’d clarify to say it’s mostly about citizens being concerned that a religious autocrat is leading with the only objective of getting a frothed mouth plurality to vote for him. It’s challenging to reason with a group of ‘conservatives’ that quote the Constitution and “freedom” when it suits them but throw it out to try and control their impending and unstoppable loss on majority. You can sure delay progress, whine and complain about change, but just know you won’t stop it. The steamroller of culture change has religious bigotry in its sights and its just a matter of time before your way of thinking is irrelevant. Accept it now or accept it later.

        • I’m from Michigan, also a senior citizen. I will not be purchasing the $1.7 million retirement home I found, I will not vacation, travel to or spend a dime in Florida while DeSantis is Governor… I have never been to Disney in all my years of vacations through out the state, atlantic coast, gulf coast and the keys. I so wish Disney, an easy target for Deputin that can not easily just move, could just shut down and tell DeHitler to shove it… DeInSanetis just lost my investment …not a dime! I’m not alone…. Oh and I’m done with the republican party, the lies, the hate, the violence they spread and the freedoms ” they” are taking from us in the name of thier twisted quasi-religious rhetoric…. have a nice day…

      • I hate when major corporations win. However, in this case, DeSantis is stomping on the constitution and trying to turn Florida into a dictatorial state. This time I’m rooting for the corporation.

      • This isn’t Bloomberg Business, it’s a Disney World blog. They don’t have any obligation to pretend to be neutral on this, the point of the blog is that they love Disney World. If the governor is have a power trip Kim Jong Un temper tantrum trying to destroy it because they disagreed with him, of course blogs covering their love of Disney World aren’t gonna be neutral on it, and they shouldn’t be. This is crazy.

    6. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, do you want a vindictive man like Desantis to run your state or worse your country?

      • LMAO! “Vindictive?” He’s looking out FOR THE PEOPLE of Florida, especially minors. Not to mention that’s he’s FINALLY holding Disney ACCOUNTABLE to pay their fair share! The only vindictive people are the mentally ill Disney ‘adults’ in their Micky PJs crying because DeSantis is standing up against the RAT for the people of Florida, residual the workers who don’t agree with Commiefornia policy and taxes.

        • Sad False claims 🙄 Disney has been paying there fair share of taxes. Knowing all the facts first helps before spewing False claims. DeSantis is a snot nosed bratt. He hasn’t done any good for the people of Florida. His law’s are evil and has taken the freedom away from the people. Glad you liked controlled by a dictator 🙄

        • So, screw first amendment rights? Ban books and make it illegal to discuss our history unless it doesn’t hurt people’s feelings? Put women’s health in jeopardy and deny them rights to their own bodies? Maybe Florida shouldnstop taking so many federal dollars from “commiefornia”. A company vocally disagreed with the governor and is getting attacked/punished – the governor is stomping all over the constitution and people are cheering?

          • I agree Its absolutely disgusting and I hope all the women of Florida, their Mothers, Children, Siters, Aunts and Women friends in Florida and the entire USA understand and know these facts and realize they can make a change in history. VOTE HIM OUT .

    7. Mike, you are truly the best at what you do, but you are starting to alienate people (just like Disney did) with your rhetoric. A huge amount of people that follow you feel the exact opposite way. The Disney company started this whole thing by bashing the governor, completely on a false premise. And the fact that you keep saying “the don’t say gay” bill shows that you truly don’t understand the legislation. Again, I absolutely love following your timely updates and great articles, but wish you would stop the political nonsense!

      • “The Disney company started all of this by bashing the governor” what you mean to say is Disney disagreed with the governor. Exercising the “rights” you people like to bang on about. Obviously those rights only come into play when It suits you… I really don’t understand how any could support DeSantis, it’s disgusting. There is no alternative rhetoric, just the facts.

        • That is definitely some alternative rhetoric and propaganda you just spewed! How any of you leftists can support any democRat is what’s grueling disgusting. DemocRats are anti American, and that means so are you! They don’t believe in life, liberty, the Constitution, nor the law. Disney didn’t “disagree.” They literally made up LIES because some mentally ill, fruitloops in Commiefornia for their manganias hurt. And yes, transgenderism and homosexuality are mental illness. It’s been proven, and if you disagree you are science deniers. DeSantis represents and stands for the people of Florida, even you bigoted, uneducated haters.

          • While democrats are far from angels or saints, the republicans currently running are FAR worse than any democrat right now. You want to talk about how democrats don’t believe in life liberty and the constitution? Let’s talk about how your republicans are silencing congress members by removing them from their seats in Tennessee all because they exercised their right to gather and protest. The same kind of protection we should all have due to the same constitution you just preached about! Or let’s talk about how anti America the republicans are who continue to try to undo medicare, veterans funding and the basic right for women to have access to feminine products in school. All you’re doing is spewing propaganda from the propaganda.

      • Well, it’s good to know that the governor can punish those who bash him and his policies. Thank God we don’t have a have a whole document that the country was founded on stating one is allowed speak against the government without dear of punishment. Good on DeSantis for stomping on the constitution. The biggest employer in his state disagreed with him and hurt his feelings. Burn them to the ground! (Sarcasm intended)

      • But he won’t raise minimum wage or fix Florida’s infrastructure without Disney there is no Florida. Nothing else brings as much money. To the state. It’s time for this mad man to step down. White supremacy will not Reign in Florida. Or in the United States he she him will never be President Dirty Politics won’t win

      • So, an individual who is writing a blog should not be allowed to state their opinion? Interesting. I thought we had freedom of speech…. oh wait.

    8. DeSantis is a toxic bigoted homophobic, fascist authoritarian , he’s ruining our state, his fascist authoritarian political agenda and his cronies are taking our freedom’s away, all for DeSantis’s personal political gain. I hope Disney crushes DeSantis.


    10. Just goes to show he doesn’t care about the people and he can’t admit that he got played by a mouse

    11. I think Disney should move to South Carolina and be done with this mess.
      North and South Carolina could use the jobs and the business

    12. Thank you for not reporting on this in the disgustingly neutral way some Disney blogs are. This fandom can be so obsessed with being apolitical that they’ll talk about a governor trampling on the first amendment and spending all his time doing everything he can to terrorize queer kids like it’s just another day at the office. If he wants to lead like he’s a politician in Russia or North Korea he can move there, and so can the other people so eager to live under fascism where it’s illegal to be a minority.

    13. I read this site to see what’s happening with Disney, not to read political opinions. No need for that on a site about theme parks.

      You could have simply quoted the governor without adding the weird spin that he’s trying to hurt Disney guests.

      Are you proposing to repeal all hotel taxes and road tolls in the Orlando area? Or are you just against those the governor suggests (which is not an actual bill yet)?

    14. How so many people have “suddenly” become anti-Disney is beyond me. Until Disney chose to speak up in unity with their LBTGQ+ family, no one ever criticized the theme park except for the price and crowds.
      Republicans launched their radical, anti-gay, anti-anti-trans, anti-abortion tirade and DeSantis decided to make an example of Disney, a privately owned company.
      Not only has he taken advantage of having a Republican legislature in Florida, he has used Trump’s playbook to scare his constituents into believing that he has their best interests in mind. He doesn’t. His only interest is power…Sheer, Authortarian power !
      One does not ban literature, the arts and free speech in a Democracy. Hitler taught us that. Children are exposed to unfiltered information from birth, via parents (when overheard), neighbors, friends, family, social media (that you aren’t aware of), TV programs and commercials. How uneducated to believe that banning books and stripping teachers and schools of their previous autonomy is healthy for anyone.
      As a 70 year old former Republican, I am ashamed to see the actions of the Party today…Budding Authoritarianism, restricting human rights, women’s autonomy, shrinking voting rights to name a few.
      DeSantis is just another man who wants to roll back the clock to the Puritanical Period. I’m not a long for the ride.

    15. So…DeSantis hayes tourists??That’s all he will do if tax s and tolls are raised. Disney will be fine no matter what he does. Tourism is a big part of Florida’s economy. Yes, sometimes we go to Disney, mainly due to family & friends living in that varea. So…he will punish us for visiting our family. He will also punish family & friends that happen to live in that area. DeSantis wants to run for President of the United States, but clearly hates the citizens of the US. I was thinking of voting for him but not now. Neither will family or friends. He is extremely vindictive and very self serving. He is obviously a very dangerous person, especially to be in politics.

      • I appreciate your opinion. as a year round full time resident of Florida I am so happy people are getting a chance to see and understand what is really happening in this home state of mine and I only hope and pray that the rest of the USA will get to understand that the Power Grab that my Republican party has been doing for decades is now exposed and we all need to vote out the dangerous ones to get our country on the straight and narrow before we become RULED by a DICTATOR. That will not be a good life for most.

    16. DeSantis is a ignorant self-serving facist pig. I thought Donald Trump had the biggest ego around. Boy was I wrong. He attacks the largest employer in the state, for what? A mines is bigger than yours contest? And he continues to escalate the situation.
      Here’s the thing. Black Americans have been using the term “woke” for decades. It means your eyes have been opened. Republicans prefer you anti-woke in other words blind and stupid. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    17. Disney could currently stand to give more to the local.
      Schools under funded, should be funded.
      Housing that’s not available, should be made available.
      Roads that the tourists drive on, need to be expanded and fixed.

      All of those things and MORE, should be paid for by Disney.
      Disney *SHOULD* be paying it’s fair share, it doesn’t and that’s the honest truth.

    18. If I was running Disney I would be looking for a more friendly state to do business with. And get out of Florida

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