Tourism Oversight District Will Direct Lawyers to Terminate and Strike From the Record Disney’s Reedy Creek Agreement

    Ahead of this Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, the Board has uploaded an agenda package that outlines their argument to void the Development Agreement with the District. The Board says that they will direct litigation counsel to commence litigation to have the development agreement declared void and unenforceable. They will also instruct counsel to have the development agreement “terminated or stricken from the public records of Orange and Osceola Counties and to assert these legislative findings and seek remedies regarding the same”.

    Attached as an exhibit to agenda item 8.1, the findings of the District and the Acting General Counsel formalize items that we’ve heard in previous meetings.

    Failure to Properly Notify

    The findings start by claiming that the Reedy Creek Improvement District failed to properly notify landowners in the district of the planned Development Agreement. The document says that RCID provided two public hearings and properly notified via the Orlando Sentinel. That said, the findings say that “such notices published in the newspaper did not fully inform the public or other property owners of the purposes or contents of the development agreement and how other property owners and the taxpayers of the District were affected by such proposed agreement.”

    The findings also say that RCID did not mail notice of intent to consider a development agreement to all property owners. The findings say that the former Board of Supervisors failed to comply with 163.3225(2)(a), rendering the development agreement void and unenforceable.

    Lack of Procedures

    Another argument that we heard in the last Board of Supervisors meeting was that the former RCID did not establish procedures and requirements to consider and enter into a development agreement. The findings say that the lack of procedures means that the District was “not authorized to enter a development agreement”. The findings conclude that the lack of procedures means that the Development Agreement is void and unenforceable.

    Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista

    Another argument put forth in the findings is that the Development Agreement oversteps, and assigns control of certain properties within Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista. The document says the only signatories to the development agreement are RCID and Disney. The cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista did not sign the agreement and they did not conduct public hearings on the agreement. On this point, the findings say that the District did not have the authority or jurisdiction to hand over the development rights of these city properties, and by doing so, the development agreement is void and unenforceable.

    The 92-point document continues to allege procedural infirmities and concludes the current Board “has no desire to readopt or ratify such instruments”. In short, the new Board will move to void the Development Agreement.

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      • The argument is the contract is void and unenforceable because procedures and processes were not properly followed. Plus, there’s substantial problems with the contract itself, but I don’t think they will go to the contract when it can be invalidated by an improper served contract.

        • Says DeSantis legal counsel, and I’m guessing that it’s the same legal counsel that told DeSantis that it was OK to fire a WOKE DA as he so proudly boast about and what just happened there that I read, oh yes, a Federal Judge overturned that dismissal. Now what do you think federal judges are going to say about an agreement, that the state of Florida willingly went into way back in 1963 I think it was and that has produced billion along billions of dollars for Florida being terminated in 2 day by the state at DeSantis orders based on the fact that DeSantis feels that Disney is WOKE?

    1. Meatball Ron got beat by the mouse and made things worse for the residents of Florida. We don’t care about disney, we care about insurance prices, and schools, and house prices, and the red tide, and things that really matter. But those problems require effort and leadership to overcome, things meatball Ron has no experience in.

      • I’m planning my Disney vacation to NC in 2026… Just saying, if FL’s Governor keeps pushing, NC Governor and legislators have ALREADY said they’d greatly welcome Disney (New) World.

      • You should care about Disney and multi BILLIONS that they bring into the state every year. You think the taxes are high already, what’s going to happen if the company that pays the most in taxes to the state isn’t there any longer? This is nothing more than a small minority of Ultra religious people, lead by DeSantis, think that everyone in Florida should live their lives by their views, or else.

    2. This moron needs to focus on running the state, not on trying to run out his state’s biggest employer.

    3. I own a business and property in FL so my family can be the governing board and I can do as I please.
      Disney is not the co.pany that Walt built its become a monster that tries to snuff out all the people around it. What a shame it would be if I-4 wasn’t constantly backed up around the mouse . I feel the governor is right when you poke your nose into politics expect to get it bloodied.
      I won’t pay high entrance fees to stand in line 3 hours for a 15 min presentation. Disney should focus on the value a a visit for it’s customers.

      • Found the DeSantis sycophant. You clearly know nothing about the situation, so why don’t you sit down and let the lawyers with this out.
        Hint: Meatball Ron is going to lose. Big.

      • So you don’t think they should have 1st amendment protections and that the government should be able to nullify legally binding agreements as retribution for the exercise of such rights? You believe that government should be able to expand their oversight of business and impinge protected personal freedoms? You also think that we should have our tax dollars fight against our state’s largest employer and source of revenue because of the governor’s ego? Everything about this goes directly against the stated values of the Republican party.

      • Yes, DeSantis said the something,that “Disney has no right poking their nose in politics, but I don’t remember, did DeSantis say that something when Disney was contributing to DeSantis and of Florida politicians when Disney was donating their 4.5 million dollars?

    4. This lil guy is using Florida’s tax payer’s tax dollars to fund the lawyers to fight against Florida’s largest employer. The mega million dollar industry that made Florida the vacation capitol that it is now. Florida needs to dispose of this person being that he has such a Napoleon complex. Bring in someone in a Mickey Mouse costume and watch him have a mental breakdown.

    5. DeSantis is putting Disney on par with Universal et al. Good for him. None of this would be happening if Disney had not said they would work to over turn the Parent Rights bill. They deserve everything that comes their way.

      • So you think government should be able punish companies for not agreeing with them and expressing their protected first amendment rights? If that’s the case, please just come out and say you don’t believe in the constitution, because that’s the takeaway from what you’re saying here.

      • Freedom of speech. I’m not from Florida, but you people not behind Disney are crazy. They are a beast who keeps your taxes down. You’re governor is an egomaniac and crazy to be doing this.
        Go Disney!

    6. Time for Disney to either do something rash or fold. I think slinking back into being on the political sidelines and quietly lobbying the legislation with $$. Ron will be gone in a couple of years. He’s already messed up his presidential aspirations. He ” coulda been a contender”. Now he looks like a republikkkan extremist. Meatball Ron indeed.

    7. The irony of DeSantis’ petty antics against Disney is that his own party and his own state are beginning to turn against him. He is revealing the lack of leadership qualities necessary to run for higher office.

    8. I will never visit Floriduh again after what Republicans have done to a once great state. No more hurricane welfare either until the state values human rights again.

    9. Why’s Disney all of a sudden a problem for our state when my adult kids were small we went every summer and enjoyed ourselves

      • That’s a looong story. So for starters let’s be clear on something everyone forgets. Disney was originally going to just keep doing their thing when the “don’t say gay” bill was being pushed. Then their animators discovered the disney execs were funding the campaigns of the elected officials pushing that bill. Sooo since there’s a LOT of LGBT individuals in the Disney animation staff, the staff threatened a strike if the execs didn’t stop donating to those campaigns. The execs decided it wasn’t worth the fight and agreed to not contribute to any campaign (essentially go neutral). That should have been that except that decision meant FL gop was losing a huge money flow. So they started getting in Disney’s grill and thus where we are now. It’s kind of hilarious cause if ronny had just kept his trap shut this could have gone away in a couple years and Disney probably would have started donating again on the down low. Now he’s pretty much guaranteed the loss of that cash flow.

    10. It seems to me that Ron is harassing Disney. If I were Disney I would file harassment charges against Ron and his hand picked cronies that are trying to punish Disney because of their 1st amendment free speech rights.

    11. DeSantis needs to take off his SJW costume and focus on matters that affect Florida and Flodians. We lived in Kissimmee for one year when my husband’s job relocated us here from TX. I didn’t love the schools, traffic, or the tourists, but I really appreciated the area. It was extremely clean, well maintaned, and we enjoyed our pick of world class cuisines with outstanding service. Our three boys enjoyed season passes to the major parks and water parks. Had we remained there, we would have settled in Celebration, or the Doc Phillips area and we would have been really happy to do so! Instead we were relocated to Palm Harbor, with my husband working in Largo. The schools here are exceptional, but it is severely overcrowded. There are many rollover accidents several times a day. Snowbird season is awful as we go beyond capacity and traffic inevitably becomes worse. As I type, we’ve had two rollovers this morning, both trauma alerts, one with life flight, and it’s only 7:30. Welcome to west of metro Tampa, on the Gulf Coast. We’ve no infrastructure to speak of in this area. It’s dirty looking and run down compared to Kissimmee. Also, it is significantly more expensive in terms of housing, HOA, CDD, and utilities. House and car insurance are unaffordable here in the greater Tampa area. We pay some of the highest prices at the grocery store, although that is coming down. Good used cars cannot be found, and the price of houses has increased 1/3 to 1/2 in value, making a traditional home loan without a substantial downpayment impossible. Yo DeSantis, help!

      • His problem is that he is socially regressive and only cares about getting money and that at this point. He doesn’t care about Florida and its people and never has.

    12. Disney will have the last laugh as DeSantis’ poll numbers plummet and his Presidential campaign falls into ruins largely because of them.

    13. RD is picking on Disney with no other reason than they took a stance on an issue he didn’t like…… TFB
      His interference will cost counties and residents a lot of money.
      Florideans need to put their foot down and tell RD to leave Mickey alone.

    Comments are closed.

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