Governor DeSantis Will File Motion to Dismiss Federal Lawsuit by Disney, Pre-Trial Timeline Agreed Upon By Both Parties

    According to a newly filed joint stipulation, Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have agreed upon a timeline for pre-trail motions in the federal case that Disney brought against DeSantis and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. In the document, all Defendants indicate that they intend to file a motion to dismiss the case but have not filed the motions yet.

    What the document does accomplish though is a set of deadlines that have been agreed to by both Disney and DeSantis:

    • Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss: Due 6/26/23
    • Plaintiff’s Responses: Due 7/26/23
    • Defendants’ Replies: Due 8/9/23

    The document also leaves open the ability to contest the service of the lawsuit. One of Disney’s latest arguments in a motion to dismiss the state-level case is that all Defendants were properly served in the federal lawsuit before the state case, and the federal lawsuit should have priority. A judge has not ruled on Disney’s motion to dismiss the state-level case yet.

    In federal court, which is the focus of this article, Disney is arguing that the Governor and state officials colluded to strip Disney of its Development Agreement with the District in a concerted effort of retaliation against Disney’s free speech. Disney is seeking to have the CFTOD undone, and a ruling that the Development Agreement granting Disney wide powers for the next 30 years over undeveloped land around its theme parks.

    Here’s a look at the stipulation filed today.

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