DeSantis Will Sign Bill to Revoke Disney’s Reedy Creek Development Agreement

    In a press conference today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis commented on the news that the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) will be suing Walt Disney World. DeSantis also took some time to make additional comments about his ongoing culture war against Disney.

    Regarding the announcement that the CFTOD will be filing a lawsuit against Disney World, DeSantis claimed he didn’t know that the Board of Supervisors would sue Disney. Both DeSantis and the Board of Supervisors are named in a federal lawsuit filed by Disney World against the government. In Disney’s filing, they say that DeSantis is violating their First Amendment rights, among other violations. Disney World is asking the Court to not only undo the bills that created the CFTOD but also that the Court would recognize a long-term development agreement between Disney and the CFTOD. The long-term Development Agreement not only protects Disney’s development rights, but also grants them power over some of the CFTOD land and how the District can utilize such land. In a press conference last month, DeSantis suggested that some of the CFTOD land could be used to build a State prison or other non-Disney amusement parks.

    In today’s press conference, DeSantis claimed that Disney is defying “the will of the people” in trying to undo the creation of the CFTOD, saying that he campaigned on fighting Disney when he won reelection in 2022. The fight with Disney essentially began in late March 2022 when Disney spoke out about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Since then, Disney claims that DeSantis has orchestrated a “targeted campaign of government retaliation”. DeSantis’ rubber stamp legislature introduced bills that would allow the State to take control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

    During the press conference, DeSantis targeted Development Agreements between Disney World and the CFTOD, signed before DeSantis’ hand-selected members could take over control of the District. DeSantis said that the legislature would pass a bill that would invalidate the Development Agreement and that he would sign the bill. The bill in question is something that we’ve covered here at since the amendment was introduced a couple of weeks ago. The bill is SB 1604 and it recently passed through the Senate. It is now in the Florida House but is expected to pass and quickly make its way to DeSantis’ desk.

    DeSantis said that Disney is “putting their thumb in the eye of the voters of this state”.

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    1. Yep, it is over for Disney. Disney was going to lose from the start. Now, it is going to cost Disney billions, and the Florida taxpayers will benefit to perpetuity. Iger is just so stupid with his oversized ego to think that he knows better.

      • LOL. It’s more likely over for DeSantis. He’s got zero chance at the Presidency. His own party and his own state are turning against him because of the childish tantrum he’s throwing over Disney speaking out against a ridiculous law he enacted.

      • Are you joking? DeSantis couldn’t possibly look like more of a chump, and the Mouse has only just started to work him over. I bet you still think Mexico is gonna build the Cheeto Wall.

    2. There he going again trying to take over Disney’s Land. Man don’t have better things to do besides trying to close Disney’s Land from the little boys and girls. Can I get a Amen. You can’t be my president.

    3. Everytime DeSantis loses he goes to the legislature to draw a new law then he claims victory. Florida Supreme Court has got to get involved to enforce a separation of powers. I actually agree with DeSantis policy but definitely disagree with trying to punish a corporation that has an opposing position. That’s not the way to govern.

    4. DeSantis is passing a bill to NEGATE A CONTRACT ex post facto.
      Think about what that indicates to all contract lawyers, judges, and corporations like Defense Contractors.
      If this law isn’t negated, then no contract will be sacrosanct – all anyone has to do is pay lawmakers enough and the obligations of the contract go away.
      Imagine a Defense Contractor gets a deal to deliver military equipment for a given price, then AFTER the equipment is delivered, the contract is voided by Congress – the government got it’s equipment but the contractor doesn’t get paid.

    5. All an all Disney will win or they could just move. Florida will lose Billions a year.
      That’s why people visit Flordia cause of Disney World. They have one dumb governor ln Florida. A know DeSantis hates
      Disney because it is a busness from California.

    6. DeSantis ‘ political posturing may prove he’s in way over his head, and won’t likely back down until the courts tell him to. He can’t stand down now without embarrassing himself;frankly, I think he’s embarrassed himself either way.

    7. It’s about time somebody stopped Disney from thinking they are above the law in the United States! They do not own Florida.

      • Disney isn’t trying to be above the law. What a stupid thing to say. Desantis should be passing laws that keep retarded comments out, like yours.

    8. This clown just cannot stop being a baby.
      He wants to target a world recognized theme park and his reasoning so far is “he could use that land to build a prison…”
      The state of Florida will lose billions upon billions annually so this ego trip can make a play for the presidency?
      Lord help us…

    9. It’s going to come down to Disney saying enough is enough and they close down their parks and put thousands of people out of work. Then what will the governor do?

    10. DeSantis is way out of his league. He is a power hungry dictator wanna be. He talks about freedom and at the same time is taking away our freedom. I pity the people who can’t see that

    11. We need more DeSantis in this messed up world where morals and values don’t exist anymore. The world needs people that will fight for what’s right

    12. Loving this shit! I hope this forces Disney into bankruptcy. The whole company are a bunch of degenerates. As long as they continue pushing ‘THE MESSAGE’, they will get not one red cent from me or my family. They have already destroyed Star Wars with all the terrible movies and shows (minus Season 1&2 of Mandalorian). Screw this company and I hope Desantis causes them immense financial pain!

    13. I’ll be taking my vacation dollars to California. We can get our “Disney Fix” at Disneyland and avoid the current insanity.
      Booking Disney Cruise Line from departure points outside of Florida. Won’t be giving Florida any of my cash for now.

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