Florida Lawmakers Send Bill to DeSantis’ Desk for State Takeover of Disney World Monorail System Inspections

    The Florida House has passed a bill that passed through the Florida Senate yesterday that would allow for the Florida Department of Transportation to take over inspections of the Walt Disney World monorail system.

    Like other legislation that has taken place this session, the bill and amendment are narrowly written to only include “fixed-guideway systems” in an independent special district that spans two counties. The only fixed-guideway system this applies to is the Walt Disney World monorail system. The bill is another punitive action from the Republican majority of the Florida legislature in the ongoing Disney vs DeSantis spat.

    The bill, which ended up being HB 1305, passed through the Florida Senate with a 26-14 vote and passed through the Florida House with a 83-32 vote.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not commented on this specific bill but has previously offered support for any bill from the Florida legislature that would punish Disney World.

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    1. Baby-man DeSantis just won’t let this go. Meanwhile, there are LITERAL Nazis in Florida threatening even cops. I wonder why they are so bold to threaten cops…OH YEAH! DeSantis backs them. And while yes he didn’t outright said it, I’m not a man that works with stupid political technicalities. By not stopping them or even acknowledging them, that’s MORE than enough proof that he is aligned with them.

    2. It’s amazing how much misuse of power and direct discrimination he’s aiming at a corporation the practiced their 1st amendment in a non-personally-disparaging way. Still curious exactly how what he’s doing is legal and amazed how “the people” are happy to just stand by and let his tirade continue.

    3. De Santis and his crownies are showing their true colors and intentions. Those individuals do not belong in any position where they have the power to abuse others who speak against them. Shameful and childish behavior.

    4. At this point, there are so many other states that would love to get all of the revenue that Disney brings. Disney should just create another Disney World in a more welcoming state, and let Orlando and half of the rest of the state of Florida revert back to its natural habitat of swamp land.

    5. wow. he’s really making a play for the Trump voters. now he’s anti-business and he’s also going to hassle people when they’re on vacation. does this guy have anybody that works for him that has any idea what the public perception of this silly feud is? he’s like a two-year-old having a tantrum. not particularly presidential but I think he can throw all that out the window at this point.

    6. How about some positives here. That monorail breaks down and stays down often. In fact just last month we were stuck on it for almost an hour. The infrastructure of Disney has been lacking for years. Everyone that visits the parks knows this. Let’s be a bit real and admit they need help. I would like to be safe when traveling from park to park, don’t you?

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