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Delayed Openings for Epcot Monorail Line Construction Starts January 20th

After a delay, Disney has announced that the Epcot monorail line will be experiencing delayed openings for construction beginning January 20th.

UPDATE: Epcot Monorail Refurbishment Delayed; Operating Hours Won’t Be Impacted

Disney has announced that the planned monorail refurbishment for the Epcot line has been delayed and that the monorail will not experience...

Monorail Hours Extended This Weekend

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is upon us and with it comes some adjustments to transportation options around the Disney Parks...

Epcot Monorail Line to Undergo Construction; Delayed Openings Starting January 13th

Disney has just announced that the Epcot monorail line will experiencing delayed openings starting January 13th. The line will be undergoing maintenance...

Monorail Black Gets Brand New Red Delta

Monorail Black has a brand new paint job at Walt Disney World. No, this isn’t a tie-in for The First Order and...

Monorail Silver and Monorail Green Receive Interior Upgrades

You might notice some changes and upgrades to Monorail Silver and Monorail Green the next time you travel along the highway in...

New Monorail Spiel Looks Towards the Future of Epcot

A new monorail spiel has been added to the Epcot monorail route that talks about the future of the park. The spiel...

Toy Story 4 Monorail Wrap Debuts at Walt Disney World

A brand new Toy Story 4 monorail wrap has debuted at Walt Disney World, showcasing some of our favorite toys from the...

BREAKING: Door Falls Off of Monorail at Walt Disney World

According to a photo posted by StaleCupcakes on Instagram, a door fell off of a monorail this morning. The door can be seen in...

UPDATE: Windows Removed from Monorail Green Due to Power Loss

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that the monorail lost power and guests removed the windows to increase airflow to the cabins. We've reached out...