Rethemed Pixar Place Reopens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    Pixar Place has reopened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a light retheming. Previously, the location was themed all out to The Incredibles, but now some of the graphics updates contain nods to other franchises under the Pixar umbrella. While you will still mostly find characters from The Incredibles, the door is seemingly open to creating a space where more Pixar characters could visit. There was no extensive construction to the Pixar Place corridor. We visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios this morning to take a look around the new space and meet with the characters that guests can now find in Pixar Place. Let’s take a look around!

    Pixar Place Retheme & Tour

    A lot of the Municiberg theming has been removed over the years, and before that, the Pixar Studios entrance marquee was removed. The entrance now is rather bland and if it wasn’t for the bright Pixar Ball at the end of the street, it could even be considered uninviting. Here’s a look at the area before the gates opened at 9am.

    When 9am came around, the gates swung open and Edna Mode was there to greet guests. She even took one younger guest by the hand and walked him to The Edna Mode Experience meet and greet area. We’ll get to that in a bit.

    Right when you walk into Pixar Place, if you look to the left, you’ll see a still-closed gift shop. This used to be a spot where you could buy Pixar merchandise, with a focus on the Toy Story franchise.

    Immediately to the right, you’ll find the space where Frozone meets. Confusingly, there is zero theming here. Frozone literally meets with a brick wall as a backdrop. Hopefully Disney can invest in a sticker backdrop for Frozone at the absolute minimum. We’ll check in with Frozone in a bit.

    Continuing on, we find the Neighborhood Bakery has reopened and is selling the delicious Num Num Cookies. Many guests thought that the Num Num Cookies were discontinued when Pixar Place turned into a relaxation area post-COVID, but they have been available at the Market for quite some time now. They are still available at the Market outside of Pixar Place, but they are also the marquee item at the Neighborhood Bakery, which also offers popcorn and some drinks.

    As we pass by the Neighborhood Bakery, we can see The Edna Mode Experience to the left, and a new backdrop featuring Luxo Jr. where the old entrance to Toy Story Mania used to be. We’ll walk through The Edna Mode Experience in a bit.

    Making our way to the end of the Pixar Place corridor, we can see newly updated graphics that we got a first look at last month. Here’s a closer look at the new graphics, which feature a variety of different Pixar movies.

    Can you figure out the easter eggs in the photo below?

    This gate is also where some characters meet, but more on that in a bit.

    Finally, there is some leftover Municiberg theming from the previous iteration of Pixar Place such as some signs and a multiplying Jack-Jack.

    Ok, with our general overview complete, let’s start taking a closer look at the character meet and greets. There is no additional entertainment outside of the meet and greets listed below.

    The Edna Mode Experience

    The Edna Mode Experience has reopened as the exclusive meeting spot of the one-of-a-kind Edna Mode from The Incredibles. In the queue, guests will find the suits that Edna made for the heroes from The Incredibles, as well as some accolades that Edna has received over the years. Here are some photos of the queue, followed by an article with more details.

    Edna Mode Experience Reopens at Hollywood Studios with Updated Theming
    The Edna Mode Experience has reopened in Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with an updated theme, but still no capes

    Mr. & Mrs. Incredible

    At the end of the Pixar Place corridor, you can find Mr. & Mrs. Incredible! They have moved from their Echo Lake location to Pixar Place now that it has reopened.

    Mr. & Mrs. Incredible Meet & Greet Moves to Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios
    Mr. & Mrs. Incredible have moved from their Echo Lake meet and greet location to the recently reopened Pixar Place


    Sulley has moved out of Walt Disney Presents to make way for a new Ariel meet and greet that will debut this summer. Here’s a look at the Sulley meet and greet area near Mr. & Mrs. Incredible.

    Sulley Meet & Greet Moves to Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    The Sulley meet and greet has moved from Walt Disney Presents to Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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