Disney vs DeSantis: Judge Recuses Himself Due To Distant Relative Owning Disney Stock, Calls DeSantis’ Motion “Rank Judge Shopping”

    Chief Judge Mark E. Walker has recused himself from the Disney vs DeSantis federal case, but not because DeSantis’ lawyers made a strong argument. In fact, Judge Walker called DeSantis’ motion “rank judge shopping” and said that the arguments outlined were without merit.

    Instead, Judge Walker is recusing himself because “a relative within the third degree of relationship owns thirty shares of stock in Plaintiff’s parent corporation, The Walt Disney Company”.

    In total, Judge Walker denied the defendant’s motion to disqualify but rather disqualified himself based on the distant relationship to someone owning stock in Disney.

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    1. I am so glad that I no longer live in Florida. DeSantis is the worst thing that happened to Florida he sounds like a dictator it’s his way or no way just like his buddy trump.

    2. BECAUSE IT’S THE BIGGEST MONEY MAKER FOR FLORIDA!!! Everyone knows that and this idiot baby-man DeSantis wants to ruin it for everyone because he’s butt hurt that no one agreed with his hateful, bigoted, phobic messages. Screw DeSantis.

    3. The fact that the judge made the comment “judge shopping” proves DeSantis was correct. Disney did the judge shopping by filing where they knew they had an anti DeSantis Judge.

    4. A lot of judges will be recusing themselves. Almost every Judge and Politician owns Disney Stock. The lawsuit whoever wins will drop in value. None of them want to have the stock value drop.

      Ron is a RINO, Republicans want smaller governments. This new board makes Larger Governments.

      Should Reedy Creek have ceased operations after Roy O stated “he has no clue on how to build or maintain EPCOT 1966”? Absolutely yes, Reddy Creek was for Non-Profit manufacturing corporations to work together. It was never for For-Profit Theme Parks and Resorts.

    5. Laughable. But not unexpected. It’s the right decision even if he didn’t want to admit the rationale for it.

    6. It is past due for DeSantis to be arrested for corruption charges and violating ethics to office. This should not be allowed in America They are trying to make our country a banana republic.

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