More Than 50% of Animatronics Working Again at DINOSAUR Attraction in Animal Kingdom

    Disney World has more than 50% of the animatronics working again at the DINOSAUR attraction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The aging attraction has had 30-70% of the animatronics not working in recent months as Disney prepares for a possible Moana/Zootopia retheme of DinoLand USA. While visiting Animal Kingdom this morning, we noticed that most of the animatronics were working on the ride after a few recent rides presented a mostly static attraction.

    A couple of Carnotaurus dinosaurs were static during our ride, but other animatronics such as the Alioramus were working again. The attraction remains in rough shape though, with show lighting turned way down and audio in the queue not loud enough to break through idle chatter.

    DINOSAUR could certainly use an extensive refurbishment, but Disney may be holding onto capital for a reimagining of the ride into a Zootopia-themed ride while the rest of DinoLand USA is transformed into a Moana-themed area. Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro has championed the idea of a retheme of DinoLand USA, but an official announcement has not been made…yet.

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