Disney Kicks Off Discovery Phase of State-Level Lawsuit with Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    According to court documents, Walt Disney World has kicked off the back and fourth interrogatories in the state-level case where it is a defendant. The document, dated August 29th, is a notice of service for delivery of the first set of interrogatories and request for production of documents in a case to be heard in front of an Orange County, FL judge.

    As a quick refresher, the state-level lawsuit was brought by the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District against Walt Disney World back in May. In the lawsuit, the CFTOD seeks a ruling from the judge that declares a Development Agreement and Restrictive Covenants that govern the development within the Reedy Creek Improvement District as void, unenforceable, or invalid. The Development Agreement and Restrictive Covenants are essentially a contract between Disney World and the District. That said, the new, DeSantis-appointed Board of Supervisors thinks that the contracts were not properly entered into and wants to nullify them.

    Disney World was hoping to get the lawsuit thrown out of court, but the judge in the case ruled against Disney’s Motion to Dismiss at the end of July.

    Now, the case will move forward and Disney’s latest action kicks off the discovery phase. A timeline for case milestones has not been reestablished following the ruling against a Motion to Dismiss.

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    1. Considering that CFTOD asked for summary judgment on almost all counts but one, and Disney likely already has the documents since RCID was actually controlled by Disney (Disney’s lawyer wrote the development agreement), Disney is paying for a fool’s errand.

    2. Disney is going to lose badly in both cases. The money they will have spent will be a waste as they struggle financially. Iger’s ego knows no bounds

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