Fantasmic Moves to Later Showtime Today & Two-Performance Nights Return

    Starting today, September 19th, Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will move from an 8:30pm showtime to a 9:30pm showtime…on days where it doesn’t have two performances. The move to a later showtime means that standard performances of Fantasmic will start later in the evening – typically 30 minutes after the theme park closes for the day now. Don’t worry, just because Hollywood Studios closes at 9pm doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to watch the 9:30pm Fantasmic. It’s the only offering that is officially open after the park closes, and guests will be permitted into the theater after the park closes (as long as the theater isn’t full).

    While the standard showtime is now 9:30pm, there are some days when a second performance is scheduled. In the event that there is a second performance scheduled on the day of your visit, the “second” performance will be at 8pm. Obviously, that is before the 9:30pm performance, but we’re calling it a second performance because the 9:30pm performance is the standard time and the 8pm performance is the bonus time.

    Here’s how the schedule shakes out over the next few weeks:

    Date“Bonus” Performance“Standard” Performance
    Sept 198pm9:30pm
    Sept 209:30pm
    Sept 219:30pm
    Sept 228pm9:30pm
    Sept 239:30pm
    Sept 248pm9:30pm
    Sept 259:30pm
    Sept 268pm9:30pm
    Sept 279:30pm
    Sept 288pm9:30pm
    Sept 298pm9:30pm
    Sept 309:30pm
    Oct 18pm9:30pm
    Oct 29:30pm
    Oct 38pm9:30pm
    Oct 49:30pm
    Oct 58pm9:30pm
    Oct 68pm9:30pm
    Oct 78pm9:30pm
    Oct 89:30pm
    Oct 99:30pm

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