Records Show Legislation Meant to Target Disney World for State-Mandated Ride Inspections Came from DeSantis

    A report from local journalist Jason Garcia reveals that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office was responsible for the failed legislation that would target Walt Disney World for state-mandated ride inspections.

    As a refresher, DeSantis held an April 17th press conference earlier this year to outline his plans for retaliation against Walt Disney World for the theme park speaking out against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill back in 2022. During the press conference, DeSantis floated the idea of a state prison at Walt Disney World or even allowing a different theme park operator to come in and build on Disney World’s doorstep.

    Wilton Simpson, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

    As part of the press conference, the newly elected Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson talked about further steps that the State could take to get its hands into Disney’s operations. Simpson said that there was a proposal from the Florida Legislature that would allow the State to have a new inspection process for Disney World attractions. At the time, Disney World was one of a handful of theme park operators that were exempt from inspections but must report injuries to the state. Other theme park operators included in the 2001 “MOU Exempt Facilities” list include SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, Busch Gardens, and Legoland.

    While Simpson originally outlined the proposed legislation as being for “large theme parks”, DeSantis made sure to make it clear that Disney World would be the only theme park operator targeted by the legislation via a piece of wording that would only target “special districts”. Universal Orlando was a large donor to DeSantis and the Republican Party of Florida, and Universal never spoke out against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. When asked about whether or not the pending legislation would affect theme parks like SeaWorld and Universal Orlando, DeSantis tried to create some space between himself and the proposed bill by saying it was a “legislative question”. Thanks to the new report, we now know that the text of the proposed bill did not originate in the Florida Legislature, but actually in the governor’s office.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis standing behind Wilton Simpson, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

    As revealed in the report, the exact language of the amendment came via an email from DeSantis’ office just hours before it was filed in the Florida Legislature by Rep. Lawrence McClure. The email, which had no mention of the amendment, Disney, DeSantis, or anything to identify the purpose of the communications, simply had a scanned image with the precise language, and the body of the email said “Please see attached”.

    As it turns out, the proposed amendment never made it into law but seems to be yet another piece of evidence that ties DeSantis directly to the legislation proposed or introduced last summer meant to punish and target Walt Disney World. One piece of legislation that was crafted to singularly target Disney World was CS/CS/CS/HB 1305 – a bill that required the Department of Transportation to take over safety standards and inspections of the Walt Disney World monorail system. Here’s a look at the relevant section of the bill, and the narrowly constructed language from the rubber-stamp Republican legislature:

    The department shall adopt by rule minimum safety standards for governmentally owned fixed-guideway transportation systems, and privately owned or operated fixed-guideway transportation systems operating in this state which are financed wholly or partly by state funds, and any governmentally or privately owned fixed-guideway transportation systems operating in this state which are located within an independent special district created by local act which have boundaries within two contiguous counties. Standards must be site-specific for fixed-guideway transportation systems and shall be developed jointly by the department and representatives of the affected systems, giving full consideration to nationwide industry safety norms relating to the development and operation of fixed guideway transportation systems. The department shall conduct structural safety inspections in adherence with s. 335.074 for any fixed-guideway transportation systems that are raised or have bridges, as appropriate. Inspectors shall follow departmental safety protocols during safety inspections, including requiring the suspension of system service to ensure the safety and welfare of inspectors and the traveling public during such inspections.
    Section of CS/CS/CS/HB 1305

    Disney is currently suing DeSantis and others in federal court, alleging that the Governor has chilled its First Amendment right to free speech by using the might of government to punish Disney for statements it made against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

    DeSantis and Disney will meet in court on December 12th where a judge will hear DeSantis’ argument that the lawsuit from Disney should be dismissed.

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    1. More and evidence continues to surface. Evidence that shows us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Desantis is using the power of the florida state government to target a business which spoke out against his legislative aspirations.

      I hope the rightwingers who support this are aware that they can no longer pretend to be against government targeting of those who speak out against said government. Because that’s exactly what Desantis is proving he has done.

      • What is a good idea? Using the power of government to punish dissent? That’s called fascism, tyranny, authoritarianism… take your pick. Preferably using your mind.

      • So you are for the government take over of private businesses?
        This is good to know when we nationalize oil companies.

    2. DeSantis needs to go. He’s vindictive, dangerous and should not hold any office. He needs to grow up, understand his actions have consequences, ie Disney, Martha’s Vinyard, flights of people with small children, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, outlawing books!
      This is not Russia!

    3. As a distant observer from Ohio, there’s no question in my mind regarding which politicians in which political party weaponize government and it’s agencies against those that disagree with them and their policy. In case you’re unsure here, it’s not who trump says it is. We’re a nation of laws and due process, and I’m down with that. But every so often I want some summary judgement when some wingnut betrayer of their oath of office so blatantly abuses the power the American peole bestowed on them.

    4. Disney has completely lost its way but doesn’t deserve this (what blatantly seems illegal and by far government overreach)! DeSantis should go down for this and hopefully someone will “Save Disney” once again for losing their focus.

    5. This exactly why DeSantis or Trump should not be president, they will weaponize government entities against their perceived enemies for having the audacity to say anything against them. The constitution be damned.

    6. Dumbo Disney stay out of politics. You only answer half the population when you jump in. And despite the each half believing that “the other side” is evil because they don’t agree, both sides spend money at Disney. When you jump in, on either side, you’re the dumbest kid in class. Your just not used to there being a cost for taking one particular side. I’m glad there’s more a cost no matter what you say. Just keep your mouth shut and concentrate on improving your company.

    7. Well Big Ron is continuing his mean girl routine against Free Speech .
      When will it end.
      I guess when he’s termed out.

    8. Agree or disagree with the anti-gay legislation…the actions against Disney is pure retaliatory politics against free speech rights and everyone in Florida should fear a governor…a government…that seeks to punish those who disagree with them. This is not how America should work. The rights of the people cannot/should not be enfringed upon.

    9. Why does DeSantis hate Disney? He has continually sought to make life difficult in a business that generates over 2 billion dollars a year for Florida’s economy. Maybe there are other states Disney could build in and have the tax revenues appreciated and not be something a Republican governor wants to demolish!!

      • FWIW, the Oxford Economics study commissioned by Disney reported a TEI in Florida by Disney of more than $40 billion in 2022, 263,000 direct and indirect jobs, $12.1 billion in labor income and $6.6 billion in taxes. But we see where culture-warrior and hopeless prez wannabe Ron’s priorities lie.

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