PHOTOS, VIDEO: World Celebration Opens With ‘Walt the Dreamer’ Statue & Activation Alcoves at EPCOT

    Good morning from a new dawn at EPCOT with the opening of the World Celebration Gardens, Dreamers Point, and activation alcoves throughout. Construction began back in September 2019, and while the plan has changed significantly throughout the life of the project, it is finally open to guests this morning. Come along with us as we take a walk throughout the various sections of World Celebration Gardens and the activation alcoves.

    World Celebration Gardens POV Walkthrough

    Walt the Dreamer

    The most popular part of the Gardens this morning was, by far, the Walt the Dreamer statue in the Dreamers Point area. Dreamers Point is, perhaps, a grand title for a statue area, but it does offer a slightly elevated overlook across the Gardens toward World Showcase.

    EPCOT Logo & Planter

    At the center of the Gardens is a large planter that combines with the ground to create the EPCOT logo. Closer to World Showcase, a Spaceship Earth design can be found in the pavement that mirrors the design found on opening day guide maps.

    Metal Tree Alcove

    The first of four different alcoves is the metal tree activation alcove. Like just about everything in the Gardens area, it is designed for an activation to enhance the area. When we visited, activation was a Daisy meet and greet.

    CommuniCore Hall Gardens

    Over near the unfinished CommuniCore Hall area, there is perhaps the most robust seating area. The idea here, we assume, is that when the CommuniCore Plaza party area is completed, this will serve as a useful overflow area for guests to relax, eat, drink, and listen to a nearby live band or entertainment.

    Creations Shop Activation Alcove

    Across from Creations Shop is perhaps the most scarce activation alcove. There are some planters and lights within the bushes that will likely look nice at night. We found Pluto here as the activation for the Creations Shop Garden.

    Connections Cafe & Eatery Overflow Alcove

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