2024 Magic Kingdom After Hours Review & Event Recap: Is It Worth It?

    Disney After Hours is back at Magic Kingdom for the 2024 season, and we were in attendance on opening night to check out the event and see if it’s worth it to purchase a ticket for your upcoming vacation. In this article, we’ll go over the logistics, pricing, and a recap of our night, including minute-by-minute descriptions of what we did so you can get a good idea of what’s possible if you go. As always, we paid 100% for our ticket to the event.

    What is Disney After Hours?

    Disney After Hours is a special ticketed event that takes place on select nights and allows guests to explore Magic Kingdom after regular park hours with lower wait times on some of the most popular attractions.

    In addition to lower crowds, soda, snacks, and ice cream novelties are included in the price. Disney After Hours is a unique way to experience Magic Kingdom in a more intimate and unique way thanks to lower crowds. Whether you want to run through as many attractions as possible or enjoy a more leisurely evening at Magic Kingdom, Disney After Hours has something for everyone.

    Disney After Hours should not be confused with Extended Evening Theme Park Hours, which is a perk for guests staying at Deluxe Resorts. Disney After Hours is also not “Extra Magic Hours”, which is a discontinued perk for Disney World Resort guests.

    Disney After Hours events are also being held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT this year.

    Magic Kingdom After Hours Dates & Pricing

    Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom Park takes place on select nights from January 11 to June 27, 2024 (originally April 8). After Hours will be held on select Mondays and Thursdays. Ticket prices for Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom range from $155 to $175 for regularly priced tickets and $125 to $145 for Annual Passholders or Disney Vacation Club Members. There is no child pricing.

    Ticket prices vary based on date:

    Event DatePrice (Excludes Tax)Price for Passholders and
    Disney Vacation Club
    Members (Excludes Tax)
    Thursday, January 11$155$125
    Monday, January 15$165$135
    Monday, January 22$165$135
    Thursday, February 1$165$135
    Monday, February 5$165$135
    Monday, February 12$175$145
    Thursday, February 29$175$145
    Monday, March 4$175$145
    Monday, March 18$175$145
    Monday, April 8$175$145
    Monday, April 22 (NEW)$175$145
    Monday, April 29 (NEW)$175$145
    Monday, May 13 (NEW)$165$135
    Thursday, June 13 (NEW)$165$135
    Thursday, June 27 (NEW)$165$135

    Prices are up significantly over last year’s event, which ranged from $135 to $159 for regularly priced tickets, and $105 to $129 for AP and DVC members. That’s a whopping 10% to 20% increase in pricing.

    Purchase tickets: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/events/

    Event Hours

    The official hours for Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom are from 10pm to 1am, but guests with a Disney After Hours ticket can enter Magic Kingdom as early as 7pm to get a head start on the fun.

    Guests with tickets to Disney After Hours do not need to make a Disney Park Pass reservation to enter the park after 7pm. If you wish to visit Magic Kingdom before 7pm, you may need to make a Disney Park Pass reservation and you will need to purchase a separate park admission.

    Check-in for the event will be at the main entrance to Magic Kingdom, and there are multiple in-park check-in locations.

    After Hours Food & Complimentary Treats

    Guests attending Disney After Hours can enjoy complimentary popcorn, Mickey Bars, ice cream, soda, and beverages. Snack carts around the park will have grab-and-go treats and drinks. For guests looking to purchase something to eat during the event, guests can find offerings at the Main Street Bakery and Casey’s Corner.

    Magic Kingdom After Hours Attractions & Guide

    Magic Kingdom After Hours promises access to some of the most popular attractions at the park with little to no wait during the evening. Here’s a look at the event guide that Disney gives guests, followed by a list of the attractions that are open during the event. We attended the January 11th event, so the Country Bear Jamboree was still open, but it will be closing January 27th until this summer as Disney works on a new show.

    2024 Magic Kingdom After Hours Guide

    Magic Kingdom After Hours Attraction Lineup
    All attractions are officially open from 10pm to 1am. That said, After Hours guests can get into the park starting at 7pm, and they have full access to all the rides during the remaining regular park hours. Unlike at Hollywood Studios where there is a 30-minute “free time” between park close and After Hours start, Magic Kingdom is open to day guests one minute and then open exclusively to After Hours guests the next minute.


    • Jungle Cruise
    • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Swiss Family Treehouse
    • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room


    • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    • Country Bear Jamboree

    Liberty Square

    • Haunted Mansion


    • The Barnstormer
    • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    • “it’s a small world”
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
    • Peter Pan’s Flight
    • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
    • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    • Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid


    • Astro Orbiter
    • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
    • Space Mountain
    • Tomorrowland Speedway
    • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
    • TRON Lightcycle Run

    After Hours Entertainment & Characters

    Unique to the 2024 version of Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom is an event-exclusive showing of the Disney Enchantment fireworks show that played at the park during the 50th Anniversary celebration. Disney Enchantment is shown at 11pm during the Disney After Hours event.

    We’ll talk more about the Disney Enchantment fireworks during our event recap, but suffice it to say that you don’t need to show up early to watch the show, and we wouldn’t recommend camping out for more than 10 minutes at most.

    In terms of character meet and greets during the event, there were only two that are listed on the event guide: Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theater and Princesses at Princess Fairytale Hall. At Princess Fairytale Hall, the princesses available were Cinderella and Elena or Rapunzel and Tiana. Unlike the After Hours event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we didn’t find any surprise character meet and greets at the Magic Kingdom After Hours event.

    2024 Magic Kingdom After Hours Wait Times

    Before we recap our evening, let’s take a look at the average wait times for the available attractions during our visit to Disney After Hours on January 11th. Wait time data is courtesy of thrill-data. We’ve also included the average wait times from the 2023 event that we attended. Here’s a look!

    • “it’s a small world”: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Astro Orbiter: 6.5 minutes (10 minutes in 2023)
    • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 7 minutes (closed in 2023)
    • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Country Bear Jamboree: 15 minutes (closed in 2023)
    • Dumbo the Flying Elephant: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Fairytale Hall: 8 minutes (15 minutes in 2023)
    • Haunted Mansion: 13 (spooky) minutes (13 minutes in 2023)
    • Jungle Cruise: 8 minutes (10 minutes in 2023)
    • Mad Tea Party: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Mickey’s Philharmagic: 10 minutes (10 minutes in 2023)
    • Peter Pan’s Flight: 31 minutes (20 minutes in 2023)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: 10 minutes (8 minutes in 2023)
    • Prince Charmings Regal Carousel: 5 minutes (10 minutes in 2023)
    • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: 28 minutes (35 minutes in 2023)
    • Space Mountain: 15 minutes (15 minutes in 2023)
    • Swiss Family Treehouse: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • The Barnstormer: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Tomorrowland Speedway: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Tomorrowland PeopleMover: 5 minutes (10 minutes in 2023)
    • TRON Lightcycle Run: 32.5 minutes (not open in 2023)
    • Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)
    • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room: 5 minutes (5 minutes in 2023)

    After Hours Check-In & Arrival Timing

    As we mentioned above, guests with a Disney After Hours ticket can enter Magic Kingdom beginning at 7pm, which means that check-in will begin at 7pm as well. Guests without a day ticket or Annual Pass that would grant them access to the theme park before 7pm will check in for Disney After Hours at the Magic Kingdom main entrance. When we visited, the main entrance check-in was to the tappoints on the far right of the plaza, similar to how you’d check-in for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

    Unlike Disney’s Hollywood Studios After Hours where you can technically check in starting at 6pm (and then wait to enter the park at 7pm), the entrance plaza at Magic Kingdom doesn’t really allow for that and you’ll simply wait outside of the park and your tap into the park will double as your check-in process.

    Inside the park, there are multiple check-in areas. Over in Tomorrowland, guests can check in near the former Stitch’s Great Escape, across from the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. In Adventureland, guests can check in at Tortuga Tavern. In Liberty Square, guests can check in at the Liberty Square Ticketing Office near the Hall of Presidents. All three in-park check-in locations will not open until 7pm.

    In terms of timing your arrival, Magic Kingdom After Hours will be a little bit more relaxed than Hollywood Studios in that you’ll have a full hour between when check-in begins, and the first big entertainment offering of the night with the Happily Ever After fireworks show.

    When we visited, Happily Ever After was shown at 8pm, and with your After Hours ticket granting you access to the park starting at 7pm, that means you can watch two fireworks shows in one night! With some of the logistics of the event out of the way, we’re going to dive into the recap section of our review where we take you along for the ride(s), minute-by-minute.

    After Hours Mix-In (Low Priority Rides & Happily Ever After)

    We started our evening by checking in at the Liberty Square ticketing location, and just like our Hollywood Studios After Hours experience, we wanted to try and only ride attractions during the mix-in time (7pm to 10pm) that had wait times as low as we’d expect to find during the After Hours event itself. That means that you’ll end up riding lower-priority rides during the mix-in time and taking advantage of lower waits during the actual event itself for the high-priority rides.

    After we were checked in (and wrote a quick article about the event guide), it was 7:15pm and time for us to select our first attraction. In theory, if you’re doing the in-park check-in, you can choose a location close to the first ride that you’d like to experience. For us, it was simply easier to go to the Liberty Square ticketing office.

    First, we should say that we wanted to skip Happily Ever After. Unlike Disney Enchantment during the event, full daytime crowds would still be in the park for Happily Ever After, which meant large crowds along Main Street USA. Our goal was to try and head in the opposite direction of crowds during the mix-in time, which meant skipping Happily Ever After and heading for the rides.

    To that end, our first attraction of the evening would be “it’s a small world”. A low wait time and long experience time made “it’s a small world” a good start for us. We got in line around 7:20pm and we exited the ride around 7:45pm.

    From there, we checked the My Disney Experience app to try and find a ride that typically has long wait times, but a ride that would have lower than expected waits due to guests watching Happily Ever After. Keep in mind that we still want to honor our self-imposed rule of waiting equal or less time than we’d expect to during the After Hours event.

    As it turns out, Jungle Cruise had a 5-minute posted wait time, and while it would be a little bit of a walk from “it’s a small world”, we made our way over to Adventureland to cruise the rivers of the world. We got in line at 7:53pm, just minutes before Happily Ever After began and found almost nobody in line in front of us.

    From a photography standpoint, Jungle Cruise isn’t the best at night, but it is fun when a Wildebeest pops into the spotlight out of nowhere.

    No flash pictures, please

    A total experience time of 13 minutes put us back out in front of the attraction at 8:06pm while fireworks were still exploding over Magic Kingdom. We knew that there would be a rush of guests flowing back into the park after the fireworks, so the next attraction had to be a short walk away. Pirates of the Caribbean would be the perfect attraction with just a 10-minute posted wait and a very short walk from Jungle Cruise. We had only the smallest of delays to snap a picture of Happily Ever After fireworks set against Genie’s magic lamp.

    We entered the Pirates of the Caribbean queue at 8:09pm. The Jungle Cruise/Pirates of the Caribbean one-two punch during Happily Ever After would prove to be a wonderful choice, as both attractions would get to 30+ minute wait times each after the fireworks ended. I know we aren’t technically in the After Hours event yet, but one of the things I love about late-night or low-crowd scenarios is how relaxed the Cast Members are. We never had a problem asking to wait and grab a photo or two, and Cast even allowed some groups to ride alone where possible!

    From there, we wanted to check in on TRON Lightcycle Run and see how the daytime guest processing was progressing. With TRON Lightcycle Run opening standby during the After Hours event, we anticipated that it would be a popular option and that Disney would want to ensure that most, if not all, of the queue of daytime guests was empty by 10pm.

    We arrived at TRON around 8:45pm and there was still a substantial line, but nothing that the ride couldn’t handle as long as it was still operating smoothly throughout the final hour or so until Disney After Hours began. With our quick check-in out of the way, it was time to whip out the My Disney Experience app again and check on wait times. They were starting to come down a bit but still elevated as guests got in line for the last ride or two of their day. That meant we had to continue to focus on lower-priority attractions, and Storybook Circus was a short walk away.

    Guests in an extended queue for TRON Lightcycle Run

    After Hours Begins & TRON Standby Rope Drop Crowds

    We were able to ride Barnstormer and Dumbo over the course of 15 minutes or so before making our way to Fantasyland and the Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction. By the time I had finished Journey of the Little Mermaid, it was time for another blogging-first decision to go check back in on the TRON Lightcycle Run line. This time, we’d spend 30 minutes from 9:45pm to 10:15pm watching the line grow and then make its way inside the ride for the first-ever standby effort from the attraction. The line was long and Cast Members didn’t open the ride until exactly 10pm. That’s a fair thing to do because there were still day guests redeeming their Virtual Queue or Lightning Lane purchases up until just a few minutes before park close, and it wouldn’t be fair to mix them in with the 30-45 minutes worth of guests already lining up for After Hours.

    When we visited, Cast Members started to load the standby queue in the extended queue area about 10 minutes before 10pm. We note that only to say that if you want to rope drop, note that you may be able to line up “early”. That said, it’s not a guarantee, and Cast Members will continuously change operations until a good balance is found.

    9:42pm | Guests forming an unofficial line
    9:45pm | Extended outdoor queue is empty of day guests
    9:45pm | Queue is empty of day guests
    10:02pm | After Hours guests flow into standby queue
    10:06pm | Long line of After Hours guests in overflow standby queue

    Of course, if you’re not at After Hours on a blogging-first journey, you could very easily get a ride or two under your belt before rejoining us at 10:15pm in front of Space Mountain as we continued our evening. Space Mountain was equal parts opportunity and strategy. Being in Tomorrowland already to cover TRON Lightcycle Run, it was a logical next choice, but there was also weather moving into the area, so we wanted to try and find some things to do inside or under cover for the next 45 minutes.

    As it turned out, Space Mountain was a 0-minute wait (10-minute posted wait), and we had the entire ride vehicle to ourselves – the second time that had happened that evening after a solo ride on Pirates of the Caribbean earlier in the night.

    From Space Mountain, it was a very brief walk in the rain to the entrance of the Tomorrowland PeopleMover for a lap around Tomorrowland. The PeopleMover is completely covered and can operate in the rain. Additionally, it’s a great attraction to kill some time, with a roughly 10-minute ride time.

    It was still raining when we were done with the PeopleMover, so we stayed under the cover of the PeopleMover tracks as we walked over to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. If it wasn’t raining, we would’ve also experienced the Tomorrowland Speedway at some point, but we never did make it over.

    When we entered the queue at Buzz Lightyear, it was 10:42pm, and we wanted to watch the 11pm showing of Disney Enchantment. We were really keen on not devoting too much time waiting for Enchantment and didn’t have any self-imposed requirement to film the show from a perfect spot, so we figured we’d have time to ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin quickly before heading over to Main Street USA to watch the fireworks. A perfect plan except for one thing – unexpected delays. The ride came to a halt right after the on-ride photo and we started to worry a bit that we’d miss the fireworks. After a couple start-stop-restarts, we eventually made it off of the ride and to the hub at 10:58pm – two minutes before the show.

    My face when the ride stops unexpectedly

    Disney Enchantment (Exclusive Nighttime Fireworks)

    Ultimately, we were happy to make it to the show on time, and even happier that it was just minutes before Enchantment began. With any limited-hours event, every minute counts, and if you don’t feel like you’re getting much value from the event, you feel it in the moment. That’s why I think these recaps are so important – to show what is possible and to set expectations for the evening. In fact, I actually wish more blogs would write these types of recaps so that you could read more viewpoints to see what works best for you. Anyway, that is all to say that in our opinion, you should only do things that add value to your night, and waiting 20 or 30 minutes for Enchantment isn’t one of those things.

    I had seen Disney Enchantment before, so my primary goal was not necessarily to watch the show, but rather document the crowd levels during the show to illustrate how you can simply walk up a few minutes before it starts and be completely fine. Remember, After Hours is primarily an attraction-heavy event. That means that any entertainment will likely be lightly attended. That was true for many of the meet and greets at Hollywood Studios, and that was true for Disney Enchantment as well.

    Here’s a look at crowd levels during Disney Enchantment from different spots along Main Street USA. It was the least crowded fireworks show I’ve ever watched at Magic Kingdom.

    Top Priority Rides & TRON Twice

    Following the 18-minute showing of Disney Enchantment, there were just over 90 minutes left in the event, and it was time to buckle down and get some more rides in, including some of the top attractions at Magic Kingdom like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and TRON Lightcycle Run.

    In theory, if you wanted to skip Disney Enchantment, you could find shorter wait times at TRON Lightcycle Run and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Unfortunately, we didn’t see acceptable wait times at Peter Pans Flight the entire night, and never got a chance to ride, but that might also be a decent option during fireworks.

    Back to our evening in progress, we arrived at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 11:25pm and there were only a few people in front of us.

    From there, we entered the Haunted Mansion queue at 11:40pm, and by the time we were off the ride, it was around 11:52pm, and we were approaching an hour left in the event. The idea was always to save TRON Lightcycle Run for last, but we had time for a couple rides before we absolutely had to get over to Tomorrowland.

    We made it to the entrance of Winnie the Pooh just before midnight and decided to get a quick ride in before getting in line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Again, nobody was in line and our total experience time was 6 minutes.

    After grabbing some snacks (again) it was as good a time as any to get into the queue for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The outdoor portion of the queue was empty, which meant that it couldn’t be more than a 10-15 minute wait with no Lightning Lane to slow it down. Indeed, it was about a 10-minute wait with an extra 2 minutes or so for a row request.

    Ok, with most of the rides completed that we wanted to ride (why, Peter Pan’s Flight, why?), it was time to head over to TRON Lightcycle Run and a posted 25-minute wait with 31 minutes left in the event. If we were exceedingly lucky, it’s possible that we could double-dip and ride twice before Disney After Hours ended at 1am, sharp.

    There was a small queue before the pre-show, but it didn’t look too bad at first. We stepped into line at 12:31am and the clock was ticking if we wanted to try and ride twice. Six minutes later, we were through the impressive pre-show and I thought we might be home free to the lockers. That was not the case. There were a decent amount of guests in the Hall of Champions switchback area, so it wasn’t necessarily looking like a sure thing that we would get through the lockers, onto the ride, and back to the entrance before 1am.

    As it turns out, we were able to complete our first ride, and quickly walk back to the front of the attraction by 12:55am. As you might imagine, we didn’t take time to snap photos of our experience, but at 12:55am, there was nobody in the outdoor portion of the attraction, the pre-show was turned off and it was a walk-through experience, and the line was relatively short, but still about 10 minutes or so.

    To recap our evening, here’s a timeline of what we accomplished. I would note that we didn’t go as hard as we did at Hollywood Studios because I spent a bit of time watching the After Hours “rope drop” process for TRON Lightcycle Run. Instead of watching the crowds, you can either join them, or zag to the other side of the park to ride something with a shorter wait time than the 30-45 minutes that TRON started the event with.

    • 7:00pm | Check in to Disney After Hours at Liberty Square ticketing office
    • 7:20pm | “it’s a small world”
    • 7:52pm | Jungle Cruise
    • 8:09pm | Pirates of the Caribbean
    • 8:58pm | Barnstormer
    • 9:10pm | Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    • 9:22pm | Journey of the Little Mermaid
    • 10:15pm | Space Mountain
    • 10:45pm | Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
    • 11:00pm | Disney Enchantment fireworks show
    • 11:25pm | Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    • 11:40pm | Haunted Mansion
    • 12:00am | Winnie the Pooh
    • 12:10am | Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    • 12:31am | TRON Lightcycle Run
    • 12:55am | TRON Lightcycle Run

    In total, I rode 14 rides and watched an exclusive fireworks show. There was certainly room for optimization if I wasn’t watching crowds at TRON. Most notably, there is a decent gap between Journey of the Little Mermaid and Space Mountain, and another smaller gap between Pirates of the Caribbean and Barnstormer.

    When I visit these events, I feel progress when I’m moving, so I feel more accomplished by riding low-priority rides instead of waiting in a shorter-than-normal-but-still-long line for some of the headliners. Certainly, you could swap out a few of those lower-priority rides for another ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or a ride on Peter Pan’s Flight. Now, the question is: Is Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom worth it?

    Is Magic Kingdom After Hours Worth It?

    Ok, so we’re some 3,600 words into this article, and it’s time to try and determine if Magic Kingdom After Hours is worth it. In theory, if you’ve read every word I’ve written so far (thank you), you probably have a pretty good idea of whether or not Disney After Hours is worth it to you.

    From the perspective of someone who has attended these events for years in the past, and someone who is fortunate enough to go to the Walt Disney World theme parks often, I was left wanting more from the event. Yes, Disney Enchantment is a very unique offering, but is it enough to make the event feel like a VIP night at the parks? Not quite.

    But Mike, you were able to ride 14 attractions during the event. Yes, that’s true, but wait times at Peter Pan’s Flight were unacceptably long during the event, and there were still some large lines for TRON. To be clear, when we rode TRON Lightcycle Run, it was a much lower wait than you’d experience with a Virtual Queue, but it wasn’t low enough during the event to feel special. What feels special? The Hollywood Studios After Hours event felt special. There were more than a dozen characters with no wait. Rise of the Resistance was chewing through guests from an operational standpoint. I rode multiple attractions completely alone. It felt special. Magic Kingdom After Hours felt like a slow summer night at the park. I would purchase another ticket for Hollywood Studios After Hours if friends wanted to go. I would skip a return visit to Magic Kingdom After Hours.

    That said, we have to step back a bit and look at the event through a different lens. Not the lens of a local Annual Passholder, but the lens of a once-every-three-year visitor. If you’re not visiting on one of those slow summer nights, and you want to ride a ton of Magic Kingdom attractions without battling daytime crowds, Magic Kingdom After Hours could still hold some value. There’s no denying that riding more than a dozen rides is a very, very good day at Magic Kingdom, so being able to do so during a limited-hours event, while also enjoying an exclusive fireworks show and free snacks/soda, is a pretty great night.

    Would we recommend doing After Hours instead of purchasing a day ticket? If you’ve been to Magic Kingdom anytime in the past 5-7 years, there really isn’t anything during the day that you’d miss with an After Hours ticket. Yes, there’s the Festival of Fantasy Parade, but that is nearly a decade old at this point and running with even fewer Cast Members than you might remember. There are other attractions and character meet and greets that close before the After Hours event starts, but they are largely skippable if you’ve done them in the past with the only new exception being Mirabel.

    Overall, we would say that for the hardcore Disney World fan (multiple trips per year), Magic Kingdom After Hours is not worth the money. For the more casual fan, After Hours might be more worth it.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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    1. Amazing article on MK After Hours! I didn’t know much about the event before reading, and now I feel like I could really maximize the experience, so thank you! I also appreciate your unbiased look from the perspective of a person who can’t visit Disney as often as they’d like (points finger at myself) and I definitely feel more comfortable spending the money on an After-Hours ticket now. As a once-every-three-year visitor, if I had to pick one After-Hours park experience, should it still be Hollywood Studios? It’s my favorite park, but as a people pleaser I want to make sure my MK-obsessed family loves the experience too! –Lindsey

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