Florida Governor Ron DeSantis To Hold Press Conference at Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Today

    According to media reports, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will hold a press conference today at the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District administrative building. DeSantis previously held a press conference at Disney World back in April 2023 after he installed his own Board of Supervisors to take control of Disney World’s taxing district.

    It was at the April 2023 press conference that DeSantis quipped that he could build a state prison at Disney World, among other ideas that included allowing rival theme parks to build there as well.

    The DeSantis press conference comes after the former presidential hopeful was handed a win via a successful Motion to Dismiss Disney’s federal First Amendment retaliation case against him. Disney has appealed the ruling and the lawsuit continues.

    Locally, DeSantis’ Oversight District has sued Disney World over agreements entered into between the former Reedy Creek Board of Supervisors and the entertainment giant. DeSantis’ appointees say that the contracts were null and void as a matter of law, and sued Disney to get a judge to agree to the same. That case is ongoing.

    Even with DeSantis’ presidential bid done and dusted, he will likely maintain an adversarial stance toward Disney. The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District is scheduled to hold a private meeting with lawyers next week to discuss “strategy and settlement negotiations related to litigation expenditures”. It’s too early to say if there is any sort of agreement between Disney and the CFTOD, but there are currently three pending lawsuits between the two entities.

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    1. I would feel adversarial towards Disney because Disney is still suing DeSantis and CFTOD. Disney should dismiss their lawsuit and come to settlement agreement.


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