Mickey & Friends Mural Installation Begins at CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

    Things are starting to look really good over at the CommuniCore Hall construction site, and we’re going to start our two-part update with a look at the recently installed Mickey & Friends mural.

    Mickey & Friends is the northeast section of the building, and it will be a meet & greet space for, you guessed it, Mickey Mouse and his visiting friends. Not a lot is known beyond that, and we only have one piece of exterior concept art for the venue. Of course, there will be other parts to CommuniCore Hall such as a Festival exhibit area and a dance party/stage area, but in this article, we’re going to focus on the mural seen in the lower right of the concept art below.

    While visiting EPCOT recently, we were able to spot the mural installation just over the construction walls as we walked toward the construction site from near Spaceship Earth.

    A peek over the construction walls offered a great vantage point for the mural installation, which will reach up to the top of the building and wrap around to the left side once completed. Here’s a look at what we could see from a little closer.

    From left to right, we can see Mickey and Minnie in their old-school EPCOT spacesuits. A stylized version of Spaceship Earth sits between them.

    Continuing on, we can see The Land Pavilion, and Goofy flying in front of the old Wonders of Life Pavilion. That reminds us, we forgot to start the GoFundMe for the PLAY Pavilion. Maybe next year.

    On the furthest right side of the mural (that we can see), we can see the old Horizons building, complete with butler, the Mission: SPACE facade, and the start of The Seas Pavilion facade.

    Disney World has not announced an opening date for CommuniCore Hall (and the different offerings contained within), but they did announce that it will open sometime this year, with a summer time frame likely.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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